1. maybe some of you with your fancy blue check-marks can help out too.

  2. Tell me Elon lives rent free in your head without telling me Elon lives rent free in your head.

  3. I think its more they are afraid of this sub looking like tinfoil hat wearing gullible half-wits. It is embarrassing that this kind of crap actually gets attention.

  4. Have you ever thought of Dee Argh Ess’ing shares and have the company report the official amount of shares that are registered? Mods, this is not financial advice.

  5. It doesn't matter what way you try to get a good share count, not everyone will participate.

  6. Not everybody with AMC shares have NFT's. I have no interest in them therefore I don't have any.

  7. I find his story quite impressive. Dude started selling books out of his garage ended up turning his business into one of the most successful corporations in the world. Now he doesn't do very much good while hes a billionaire but the story of getting there is pretty impressive to me.

  8. To me dark soul games combat is just plain tedious. Combat takes way way way too long. Making it take 5 minutes to defeat a trash mob is just silly to me. Then repeatedly dying to a boss over and over again just so you can be lucky enough to get the timing right once is also not my idea of a good time. Dark souls games main focus is combat because there's really not much else to do in the game.

  9. Sorry man but the fuck are you talking about. If you're saying a normal enemy takes forever to kill you have never played a souls game nor have you played a bethesda game on higher difficulties. Enemies in souls games take 2-5 hits to kill. Defeating a trash mob only takes a long time in bethesda games especially on higher diffculties.

  10. Hey you can like souls games that's cool, I don't.

  11. Luckily I don't have to worry about that as I do not watch YouTube influencers.

  12. This game is going to suck, why do we do this to ourselves? Get all hype for the game we want just to be let down again and again. Don't forget fo76

  13. Go back to your PS5 and sit down.

  14. How exactly does a hype date instill fear, uncertainty or doubt? I swear, some people have no idea what FUD even means. Dates come and go, and if they lead to a letdown, so be it. Another date will pop up soon after. Dates keep people engaged and committed to the movement, imo.

  15. How do you not understand that someone being "let down" is exactly fear, uncertainty and doubt?

  16. I’m betting CS won’t select a bankrupt broker to handle trades, but if your broker goes bankrupt, then what🤷🏻‍♂️refund

  17. What happens if CS broker goes bankrupt, then what?

  18. Just because you don't get disappointed with useless dates coming and going doesn't mean hundreds or thousands of others investors won't. Why risk it?

  19. Well I guess if you're not worried about it, so be it.

  20. Doesn't matter when it is. Absolutely nothing will happen.

  21. Doesn't matter what day t90 is. Nothing is going to happen.

  22. How many people had forgotten they were chasing their son when they got to the institute?

  23. I personally didnt feel a connection to my "wife and kid" in Fo4. I mean I only knew them for 10 minutes before we were frozen. It wasn't so much I forgot them as much as I just didn't care.

  24. I'd put Elton John up against ANYthing you listen to. I feel bad for you and everybody else who has to listen to today's garbage.

  25. Say Elton John's last concert was in England..would you rather pay 4 grand each to travel out? Or pay idfk 100 quid to see him live (but streamed) in an amc venue??

  26. His last concert is being streamed on Disney plus on the 20th though!

  27. November 21st but they’ll mess with it and act like it’s not coming. Been here long enough and know MOASS is coming!!!

  28. I've been here long enough to know that nobody knows anything.

  29. Don't get your hopes up that t90 will do anything.

  30. I will take Ape tits for 200 Alex.

  31. Remind me of your bitching when we hit 80-90% DRS on GME, we're already over halfway there.

  32. Remind me of your attitude during the shit show when all you drs'ers go to sell at the same time during the squeeze.

  33. The problem is the world doesn't see. If you ask any stranger on the street about AMC stock and what's being talked about here in this sub they'll have no clue what you're talking about.

  34. I don't buy any shares on Robin hood but I too use Robin hood for my options. I've never had a problem with them im the 2 years I've been doing it...I wouldn't bother trying to transfer.

  35. There's enough multiplayer games out there let's just have a nice single player game experience.

  36. You can/are exploring space alone. They basically already have the game done. This is just extra and optional

  37. Still a multiplayer feature. Huge waste of resources and development time.

  38. It's been years, I used to wait in line for new video games at midnight.

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