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  1. how do you tuck? i can never get it right, it always hurts :c

  2. I found great tutorial online. Its NSFW but if you want I can share it with you. Just DM me

  3. They are euphoric and dysphoric in the same time for me.

  4. Can relate. Naturally my hands are extreamly hairy and its gross

  5. It's not that difficult. I still suck at it but good thing is that you can easily remove it and start again.

  6. O Kudowa zdrój. Świetne miejsce na wypoczynek, byłam tam rok temu.

  7. Maybe an IDE? Something like vs code but gtk4 would be great

  8. Girls (and boys who want a hairless face), do not use electric shaver, they don't do a great job. Tho if you regularly cut yourself while shaving, may be look up a tutorial or ask for help on how to do it. If you still cut yourself, may be your skin is very thin and in that case you unfortunately will do better with an electrical shaver. Don't hurt yourself while shaving please

  9. I always cut myself. Then I just put a little piece of toilet paper on the cut and it's just fine

  10. Wait so guys don't usually sit?

  11. Yes I do! It's really confusing

  12. Thanks for this post. Its exactly what I needed to see. I'm happy for you. I'm gonna be next!

  13. There's a person in my class who is trans and they have some supportive friends and I kind of wish we could be friends but I look like a boy so that probably wont happen because I wont feel comfortable :( I wonder how she has the confidence to not hide that she is lgbt in this country (not the best country to be lgbt)

  14. Same for me. Poland has some issues. I hope it'll get better in your country

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