1. It’s almost like predicting the future is unpredictable and difficult

  2. HAHAHAHA it’s hilarious that vehicles that have capacity (or time getting back up to capacity ) concerns that companies go massive with them.

  3. Companies switching to EVs have to start out with premium, low volume high profit models, and then work their way down to high volume low profit models.

  4. Hmmm that’s interesting to me. Premium market attraacts attention to the brand is it? Or do they need the premium model because they can’t make the volume to justify low margins…bit of both and more I guess.

  5. It’s mostly the latter; they can’t produce at any volume.

  6. Sure, but who would have seriously put $20K down on Apple, alone, when you were five?

  7. That’s a really good point. That would look amazing if it matched the body.

  8. But then that is multiple door handle colours, instead of one, at the factory. : /

  9. How are you just discovering what everyone has been living with for the past 12+ months???

  10. Still not pre-covid .... Who cares still not affordable

  11. Of all the factors that created the upswing, one has changed; interest rates. Everything else remains.

  12. I had not thought of it like that, good point :)

  13. Top end is people who own assets. Basically folks need to stop pumping up financialized assets like stock markets and property markets or they gotta keep raising to stop em.

  14. How is that going to affect the price of milk, which is counted when calculating CPI, unlike your examples.

  15. I've heard from someone else in my complex that ceiling fans were a godsend. I have aircon but not in the bedroom, will look at doing this for next summer, the last week has been so soupy, and the next 6 weeks usually are as well.

  16. My landlord says, regarding ceiling fans: “I don’t see the value.”

  17. At a glance I doubt they’re going to beat a ceiling fan at anything, except price.

  18. I thought the whole point of sesame street is to reflect the living conditions of the audience. They chose an urban setting because they wanted children in the city to have a reflection of the streets they lived on.

  19. If it was to truly be set in a modern child’s street it would be set in Minecraft, or Roblox.

  20. Too many miles for me personally. I have to assume it was driven fast and hard. But if FSD is important to you maybe it’s not a bad price.

  21. In Bruges is more funny than sad, Banshees of Inisherin is majority depressing.

  22. There’s even a suicide scene, that is genuinely original and funny.

  23. Nope, I can send $300 of Ethereum on layer 2 with $0.20 in gas. This is on the mainchain as well, not the side chain.

  24. Can’t speak for the new models, but I’ve an early 2000s model and it has held up extremely well. It does not look its age at all. Everything works and the seats are perfectly fine.

  25. Well played, however, CAN WE STOP PLAYING INTERSTELLAR ON PIANO EVERYTIME. As a pianist myself, it hurts because there are soo many better, exceptional pieces by great composers.

  26. That's great.... what about everyone else? Because I know I didn't get a payrise because they were closed, and neither did my other half, and half the people I know actually lost jobs, they didn't get pay rises.

  27. Because Enterprise Bargaining Agreements that are fixed for years. They don’t change rapidly to reflect changing conditions.

  28. Still a bit telling to only pick immigration

  29. It really makes you wander about people in general. Its crazy how easy it is to deceive people into believing the craziest things. I mean I don't think we Westerners are fundamentally any different/smarter/anything. So, if they genuinely believe what they are saying, to what extent can we trust our own thought processes? Ofcourse, we all think we get the real news and can freely communicate with the world over the internet, but as you say so can they to some extent. How is it possible people don't question these seemingly crazy things?

  30. Yeah, I’m sure we could find similar interviews circa 2001 where Americans would say we need to turn the Middle East into glass, that Iraq was behind 9/11, etcetera.

  31. 11.534 @ 117MPH. Car is lowered with Eibach springs but otherwise entirely standard, no weight reduction, Uberturbine wheels with OEM Pirellis

  32. Park your car right up next to the charger, blocking footpath.

  33. Tips, or favourite tutorial on all the details you’ve added? I notice the weathering. Looks amazing.

  34. Yes and I see this all the time. Just had a brand new CRV in for a rear bumper and the hatch was almost touching the left side and a mile from the right. It's a bitter post on my part but man it sucks ignoring other brands that have been doing this for decades longer

  35. Did you live in chippendale? My dickhead neighbours dov that too! They complained to strata about my washing machine being noisy even!

  36. I still have, on VHS, him driving The Yellowbird around the Nurburgring.

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