1. how do you fuck up Farm 18 so badly. Farm 91?

  2. We already skipped through Farms 1-17, may as well skip a few more ahead

  3. He’s a straight up psychopath given superpowers

  4. Man, for all the talk about live service being bad, y’all have a game for three months are you’re already losing your shit without updates. How the hell did you manage to play the OG MW series without crying on a daily basis?

  5. I mean you’re comparing a game that had 16 6v6 maps with a game that only has 12, 2 of which being remakes from old games.

  6. Bruh we’re talking about a game made 15 years after &

  7. Please don’t put Vanguard next to WaW

  8. The fact that the game takes up so much space with such little content is a joke

  9. Got my badge done today on the Oregon servers

  10. Cringe guy... WE still dont want WZ1 movement,

  11. Slide cancelling was annoying but WZ1/MW2019’s movement made every other game feel ancient by comparison

  12. Today I learned I’m a sweat (Splits is my favourite drop)

  13. We just got an EA skin in the game (Isaac from Dead Space)

  14. Wait till double xp & you get them done quick

  15. My guy this is the easiest camo grind since BO4

  16. 3 actually (4 if you count MJ & Black Cat as 2)

  17. The map itself is fine but the players make it unbearable to play. Seriously, please can we drop anywhere but Fragment for the 138th time?

  18. I like it but I wish there was just more.

  19. Sexually, yes… don’t ask me why I was reading it

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