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  1. How does the percent on income that's spent on maintenance compare to other airlines?

  2. Adrian Newey had sharply criticized the new rules in advance. Meanwhile, Red Bull's star designer has changed his mind. The new cars demand more from the engineers than expected and one concept surprised even an old hand like Newey.

  3. Could RB be intentionally qualifing slower than their true top speed to hide that their cars are actually much faster? Keep near pole position but tune the cars to avoid qualifying several seconds faster than everyone else? This could explain why other cars are fast in qualifying but can't win on Sunday. More importantly, it would avoid rule changes that could reduce the speed difference between RB cars and others. Nice conspiracy theory, I know, just curious if it's feasible or not.

  4. FYI, these abbreviations are from narcolepsy support groups older than reddit, such as narcolepsy network.

  5. He said he tried to anticipate the corner and get early on the throttle in the post-quali press conference, because T8 was one of his worst corners, trying to chase the gap. But he didn't warm up his tires properly on the outlap, had no grip in rear tires and lost it. Also mentioned he was close to crash in T1, just wasn't his lap at all lol.

  6. Does the telemetry show that he floored the throttle or that the RPMs quickly rose? If it's the latter, he could've partially stepped on the throttle then the cold tires spinning caused the RPMs to go much higher than they would have if the tires were warmer and had better traction.

  7. Click the link, third-party verification of reserves, so users don't make a run on them like FTX

  8. Put it in the freezer overnight, turn it on while frozen, after it defrosts there's no evidence

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