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  1. does anyone prefer 2 multiplayer pvp over 3?

  2. 18 years old po ako natuto. 1st step, buy a bike, hindi ako natututo kapag hiram hiram lang or tinuturuan, natututo ako by my own pace, gabi gabi nagprapractice since nahihiya ako sa umaga or hapon, then eventually natutuhan ko rin magbike.

  3. La naman semplang lods? Haha. Nakakahiya nga maghanap ng open area para magsubok. May recommendation ka po for 1st bike?

  4. Buy a cheap, old, ugly, sturdy 2nd hand bike, and practice on that. Develop your handling skills and road awareness with it.

  5. Malala po ba situation with bike thieves? I mean ph in general e you need to be cautious with your belongings, pero marami ba cases with bikes?

  6. Invincible gambit is the only other switch skill depending on how far you are into Sunbreak

  7. I think there are now 5options? Just havent checked the others. Any recommendations?

  8. Saw that one with the lamp post. Would be nice to see a version of shocking using a very high electricity bill 😂

  9. Been with this server at around it's 4th year. Man, good times

  10. Goddamn i thought she was uninteresting and boring at first (character design is not meant to be pretty) but (im not a weeb, i repeat, not a weab) i found her attractive mid series onwards. Gj to the execution of her character development

  11. The dog guy getting decapitated by nobunaga. Seriously, no one?

  12. Backline beast is the solution. Not a sure thing tho. Had multiple times where prickly killed me lol

  13. HeRO is the best ro experience for me. Lots of customization tho, but i must say, they are balanced and done well

  14. Havent played renewal but from what ive read(which discouraged me) is the map restriction for farming and leveling. Also, OP things that makes the game less interactive(solo gaming). Lastly, nostalgia is lost when you change things from what made the game memorable

  15. Lmao stupid faggot with too much time. Get a life. And learn to speak english properly so you dont show your pathetic IQ level on your posts

  16. Lagging and Thorny are both Bugs cards so it will trigger Cattails effect. What's important for Cattail is the type of the card used and not of the body.

  17. When I was still playing termi this happened to me more than 100 times. I don’t post it on reddit even once. Why? Because I’m not using a termi and crying when I can’t beat everything lol. #loser

  18. Then you're a part of the problem. Accepting getting kicked a 100x in an extremely unfair manner without even complaining is just more pathetic

  19. the hate against termis is worse than a card that disables all moves without any other conditions lol

  20. What you don't know, is that you're not the first one who ever caught Legend.

  21. "Stuck in someone's storage for years" lmao. He doesnt appreciate em because they're all bones already

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