1. It’s not like Rugers have lengthened cylinders to accept longer 45colt? There’s only 45 long colt, no 45 super long colt

  2. I admire your guts. I personally would not drop the hammer on a high pressure cartridge in a Taurus product. I wish you the best of luck.

  3. Wow sn is from 1897. Is the original owners name stamped on it? I’d get a Cody letter on that one for sure

  4. Winchesters production records are archived at the Cody firearms museum. You request a letter then they research your gun and give you the details and where it was originally shipped to. It’s a common piece of provenance among collectors.

  5. Why the fuck was he even doing that?? And they say women are emotional. Christ.

  6. Absolutely no reason to think the driver was a man. There are tons of women driving truck.

  7. I haven’t had good experience with schrade and I think old timer is owned by them, curious if there’s any decent trapper knives like these around

  8. I carry a carbon steel case trapper almost everyday. It’s been solid for twenty years. I also have the mini trapper in cv and it’s great too.

  9. Take a day and just ride around. I’ve found so many great roads that I had no idea that were there just by aimlessly cruising.

  10. What happens if I'm cleaning the drum of my revolver and some product slips into the drum shaft and I don't realize it? The cleaners are usually aggressive and contain ammonia, which can damage the parts of the weapon, including the barrel, if it is not rinsed to stop the process.

  11. Best? Best is relative I think freedom arms makes the best single action revolvers ever made. Standard mfg. makes some excellent guns as well. Neither are inexpensive but if budget is a concern there’s nothing wrong with a Ruger and you will have more money for ammo.

  12. This may be one you send off to the factory. Ruger customer service generally is pretty good, but it will cost $$$.

  13. The red label hasn’t been in production since 2014 or so. They aren’t going to work on it.

  14. It’s not like picking up a barrel for an 870 and putting it on. The replacement will need to be fitted if you can find one. I think unless this gun has sentimental value your best bet is call this a lesson learned and keep it as a reminder.

  15. Who are the guns registered to is the real question. Are you mad because he’s giving away his guns that you use or your actual guns?

  16. It’s not a car. Unless this kid lives behind the iron curtain there’s no registration.

  17. Report it as theft to law enforcement. I'm not sure why someone else has access to your guns.

  18. She’s a beauty. That’s a fantastic example by the looks of it.

  19. Google up Pakistani bumpermascus it should be in the top results.

  20. It’s hilarious just how much hate you guys on here give to anyone that isn’t making knives in the US.

  21. I don’t know who “you guys” are but junk is junk regardless country of origin. There are lots of non US produced quality knives. None of them are Pakistani.

  22. This is one of the dumber things I’ve read.

  23. of course I understand how sponsorships work, but they have plenty of other sponsors that aren't morally questionable.

  24. It’s almost like it’s a business and in no way are they obligated to do anything but generate revenue. You can’t pay staff with moral high ground points.

  25. Because people want to believe that these are their friends. They feel like they are being let down by “friends” who should forgo making a living and think just like them. It’s easy to be righteous when you aren’t the one going broke.

  26. Who did you use? I’ve talked to friends at the range who have had some bad experiences so I’m skeptical.

  27. I’m only 40 miles from cylinder and slide so it’s a no brainer. Clark customs also is a great option. I usually go with whichever has the shortest wait time.

  28. Shit. Yes Bill shut the shop down a week ago. I’m sorry about that I’d had a few last night and forgot.

  29. Honestly, I can't defend this offer, I don't think they will get any takers. But think about it. If the person is trying to live on, say, minimum wage, working 45 hours a week, they would bring home just under $300/week. So subtract $125 from that, leaves them $700 per month to live off of. How could they pay more? This is a problem we have to solve as a country. We have to find a way to provide child care so that people don't have to leave their children with the type of people who would accept this wage, right?

  30. Go look at the federal HOA cases, and the reloading data and tell me there is no relationship. Its a maroon Remington sts hull with federal stamped on the case head.

  31. But Remington ammo is not made by federal as you stated and I commented on.

  32. You do realize Remington Ammo is now made by Federal and has no link to the remington arms company or RemArms.

  33. Vista outdoors owns Federal and Remington that is the extent of the relationship. Federal doesn’t own or manufacture any of the the other vista brands. Remingtons ammunition plant is in Arkansas.

  34. They will be fine as long as you put little coats on them as they are not jacketed.

  35. It’s a pile of Pakistani garbage. Nothing about it is functional the design included.

  36. It’s an old model Ruger single-six “flat gate” - one of the earliest models.

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