1. But is that before poison resistance on unarmored targets? Still seems high. Have you tested?

  2. Quick question for clarity. By your experience unperked and given time to work the poison could add close to 50% damage? As in it will do as much damage over time as a single round? I didn't think the return was that good. If so that seems great for saving ammo.

  3. When you’re adding 800 poison damage and it’s heavily resisted as it was in this example? Yeah, it could possibly be more than the initial hit, but it’s going to take some time. Keep in mind I had zero perks for shotguns or heavy guns on, though, and the pepper shaker fires pretty quickly.

  4. With max damage on a bow, you get 90 damage before perks. A crossbow gets 70. The mods appear to be identical between them for arrows. The crossbow doesn't need to be drawn and can be used in PA, but that doesn't make up for that massive damage deficit, especially since the fire rate isn't much faster than the charge time of a bow due to the reload.

  5. Yeah, sounds good to me. It would be cool to be able to use as an alternative. I think it needs an extended mag though. 3 shots isn't going to be nearly enough if dps is whats going to make it viable.

  6. I only went with that because that's what it had in Nuclear Winter, and the thing could tear apart even people in power armor in a full clip. I think that five would probably be good enough since its going to deal a solid amount of damage every shot.

  7. You realize that what Amazon is producing is a television show, right?

  8. A gigantic Deathclaw with a health pool and defenses that makes Earl look like a bitch, attacks that make the imposter Sheepsquatch look like a frail grandma, a roar so mighty that it can stunlock the gods and such speed that not even VATS can track it. The game finally lets us nuke The Forest and that's what's been dwelling underneath it.

  9. Just saying, but Earle already has an 80% damage reduction (which critical hits bypass). I don’t think we need a 90% damage reduction in a boss.

  10. Funnily enough, you only broke two main questlines doing this - the Institute and the Railroad (who needs you to join the Institute as a double agent). You can keep going if you so choose.

  11. Maybe I'm missing something but what's the reasoning behind Treasury Notes? Why not just award players gold bullion instead. I feel like it just introduces an extra step/chore to convert notes into bullion.

  12. It’s so players are gated on how quickly they can earn bullion.

  13. At some point in developement (I think Fallout 4's developement), Bethesda decanonised the ending of the Shi in San Fransisco because they might "use" them later. Also the Shi are mentioned in Kellogg's memories. So the Shi probably will be either a "main" faction in the next game, or a faction that originates from them.

  14. What exactly are you referring to with the Shi here? They didn’t have a bad ending in fallout 2 unless you murdered them.

  15. Weren't the Shi got wiped out by mutated plants or something? And I think you always get their bad ending. Though I could be wrong about it.


  17. Caps as currency didn't spread form Appalachia. The Hub first started using Caps as a currency in 2093. Each Cap was backed by a bottle of purified water as the most precious recourse.

  18. On the east coast, the whitespring is responsible.

  19. What do you mean? I don't exchange gold!

  20. The Gauss rifle. Most people dismiss it and the pistol, but with partial charges used properly, you can effectively get a fire rate akin to a semi-auto rifle to finish off an enemy who’s taken over half of their health from the first shot. They’re good weapons, they just take some time to get used to.

  21. Isn't the Plasma Cutter the best non-auto melee weapon in the game, though? Hitting power of the War Glaive but with the speed of a 1-handed weapon.

  22. One of the best. Swing speed on the good two handed melee weapons makes them equally as potent.

  23. The BoS doesn’t have any particular grudge against Goodneighbor. However, they’d see two people dressed like raiders threatening a trader and kill them. Or maybe threaten them into leaving.

  24. Here’s a good way to handle it - pretend your character doesn’t magically know where vault 112 is (the game just tells you, you don’t find a map or anything; in fact, the mainframe at the headquarters deliberately has that location missing. Pinkerton is the only one who’d know). Then you’d need to actually wander to wasteland to find the place. It’d be easy to stumble upon Werner, the crashed spacecraft, the outcast signal or Tobar (perhaps you found out from a merchant in rivet city).

  25. Did not know that about Ironclad, thanks for the Info, I was a Stealth Sniper before, just switching into a Heavy Gunner now since Stealth Sniper can be ineffective for Daily Ops, have to farm fusion cores and add perks to conserve them next.

  26. I’d suggest using ricochet as a replacement for ironclad. An 18% chance to take no damage from almost all ranged attacks is amazing (though the notification sound is a little loud).

  27. Lorewise they would be taken back to the Institute and given a factory reset. I don't think tyou can see it in game though.

  28. On other small thing - the ‘reclamation’ process of theirs has a failure rate, just like the mind wipes the Institute performs. There’s a good chance that many of the captured synths were just outright killed in body as well as spirit.

  29. Snallygasters aren’t really akin to centaurs; just like the grafton monsters, it’s a custom strain of FEV rather than a failed transformation.

  30. In the Snallygaster's case, they were described as being mixed with multiple species like the Centaurs so they are a type of them with their shared origins also sharing their pink tones as well. The likely difference is they are made with Lizards, Birds, and a few other different things by the look of them. Tho I do agree with you on the Grafton. The point I was making was most of the "Cryptids" are mutants maybe not the Mothmen tho they are weird to remind me of Dolphins with their intelligence. But the others have been explained throughout the world. Wendigos were described being a mix of Cannibal humans starting to become ghouls by Radiation and mutated by chemicals from the evidence that's why the Ghouls don't attack them and they stick together with their horde mentality.

  31. The single terminal we have about this is that they resemble multiple creatures, not that multiple creatures were used. All of the Appalachian West Tek's subjects were humans (hounds, while an explanation for how super mutants can acquire so many is given, are not pre-war experiments; the same goes with floaters to our limited knowledge), and this strain was never introduced into the wild; instead, the Enclave likely created more of these mutants when they used West Tek to generate creatures to trick the automated DEFCON system.

  32. TSE with a cryo/pyro receiver is probably the best one damage wise. Cryo slows enemies a bit, pyro heals with friendly fire perk.

  33. Explosive is going to become worse after the next update - cryo and Pyro are being changed to use cryo cells/fuel, so they won’t explode either.

  34. Thanks for the info! Are they changing the "explosive" status of the cryo/poison mags on Alien blasters as,well? Their current behavior seems to me as an oversight by a coder because disintegrator doesn't behave the same way.

  35. Just walk to the elevator when that door opens, then.

  36. That’s really the way you want to go against deathclaw’s in NV. I suppose you could also try a fully modded 12.7mm smg, since that shreds most things in stealth (use vats to stay hidden).

  37. Yes - the original main quests (you’ll each need to speak to duchess for the tape that kicks if off, but after that, it’s all doable together), events, side quests, expeditions and daily ops can all be done together.

  38. The "50 cal auto grenade launcher" you mentioned is the Nuka Launcher from the current scoreboard - a level 85 reward. It's a 2 shot ultra fast fire rate grenade launcher, completely legit, provided by Bethesda to any player who gets to level 85 until the end of February.

  39. There will be a setting to shut off screen shake with the next major update. There isn’t anything for the flashes yet, but hey, progress!

  40. I dont think you can get an ending where the Institute survives with the Minutemen.

  41. This is incorrect. You can very easily avoid making the BoS your enemies if you side with the minutemen; just don’t do mass fusion.


  43. It’s gotten better over the years. If you can find it cheap, it’s worth at least playing through the quests these days.

  44. I’d try to incorporate most of the items and weapons from 76 in one way or another. They’d do well for something like this.

  45. As a professional nuke lobbing maniac. I can say it is fine if you don't feel the desire make Appalachia burn. Just sit back and enjoy the fireworks. We can stand together in arms when the time comes to give whatever monstrosity deemed worthy of a good beating. AD VICTORIAM!

  46. And I’ll wait by the door of Vault 51 for ZAX to call us all home when we damn ourselves and all our progress.

  47. You're missing the trophy for killing 50 Trogs with it.

  48. Downloading his memories into a synth would also be a possibility, although that would require him to accept that synths are people. It would totally circumvent the cancer.

  49. That could work, and wouldn’t be as hypothetical as this answer. But obviously, 4 had its strict storyline it wanted and didn’t want disruptions.

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