1. 12 other horny redditors are out there

  2. Has nobody else noticed that the "looks" knife unironically has exponentially higher damage stats as well?

  3. Trust there’s quite a few that mentioned it, there’s just a ton of comments that make it hard to notice

  4. Perhaps but wanted simple design to fit stats to fit in the less cool design. Also apparently, according to some comments at least, the knife on the right may possibly be a Co2 knife which if true definitely would fit stats even more

  5. Nowhere to hide/ lethal pursuer vs distortion really makes a difference ironically enough

  6. Truly. I bring a flashlight every game these days so I can spam shine on my fellow survivors when Lethal Pursuer triggers.

  7. Freeman scaling to Chell who has Lego Dimensions scaling:

  8. How does Freeman scale to Chell exactly? Because unlike Freeman, Isaac was actually there, meaning Chell would just be a more worthy opponent for Isaac instead.

  9. Gordon Freeman fighting someone else is better imo

  10. Ah, the single DS1 enemy that to this day evokes a fairly significant sense of urgency and dread in me. Gotta love it!

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