1. I agree though… my first thought was “is it such a big deal?”

  2. I get what you’re saying, but in my opinion it’s rude and inconsiderate.

  3. i’m so glad i’m not the only person who gets a lil upset about that… people will throw money on the pharmacy when i literally have my hand out to grab the money

  4. Some people are AH's, some people have fear of touching others. Some people have fear of germs. It's not a black and white problem.

  5. It makes no sense because they already have germs from touching the money.

  6. Ikr, sure it's annoying but I'm pretty sure this is just something we offer. Just like in the bakery how we break packages. Yes, it's annoying to break a pack of 13 mini croissants for someone who wants 1, leaving us with a 12 pack we can't put back in the floor, but it's a service we offer. Not everyone wants it, but some do. When the one person who comes along and wants a semi special request, just do it. It's your job. Idk why people like OP come to complain about easy things. If she wanted the chicken cut up into an 8 piece then sure, complain. But just take a big knife and cut the carcass in half, since we already offer half chickens anyways.

  7. I work customer service, but I can see how annoying it can be especially if they are busy. You are right though. It is our job and without customers we wouldn’t have a job.

  8. I wish. My dept hires them because we literally have no one and they can’t do Jack shit in produce. Can’t use a knife, bailer, take trash out, put wet wall up or down. Completely useless.

  9. I remember at one point customer service had to blow up balloons because only minors were working in produce department.

  10. send boost ? $Asia-Summerlin-1 I will send back . I have 3 left

  11. we don’t have sco at my store unfortunately. we’re supposed to be getting it soon-ish though. but fr though. whenever we do get sco they’ll complain about that too i’m sure. “wow this is really what society has come to where i have to shop for ma own groceries, roll em up here, pay, and bag everything my damn self” 👴🏻👴🏻👴🏻

  12. Omg it’s the end of the world.. you actually have to do stuff yourself 😂

  13. one lady literally complained to me one time that she had to walk down to the last register with her one pack of chicken like 😐😐 what do you want me to do, carry you???

  14. I have three booths if anybody wants to trade and send them I will send them back immediately on my girl's phone $Rebecca-Melton-11

  15. My opinion is this: there are some associates that lie and say they are sick when they are not. This is not fair to people like you (and me) who only are absent when it is legit. I think this is why they are so strict on the evals, because of the untruthful people who only pretend they are sick. It makes me sad for the rest of us.

  16. Unfortunately, with the way Publix’s absence system works, there is hardly any reason at all for an excused absence. It’s almost hypocritical because they heavily encourage associates to stay home when sick, and then proceed to penalize associates on the evals for doing so.

  17. That’s true. One day I was sick and came in for half my shift and went home when my break started. I still got penalized for an absent that day. I don’t blame my managers, I blame Publix.

  18. Throughout my 5 years at Publix I noticed many Grocery Managers and Team Leaders stepping down

  19. Leaving Publix and getting a Monday through Friday 8-4 job was one of the best things I ever did

  20. I used to hate waiting to go to work and feeling like I couldn’t really do anything before. Now I get home and I have 7 hours to do whatever I want. It’s also really nice having the same schedule every week and being able to plan things in advance

  21. When people start trying to explain their “no”, I just let them of the hook. My reply is it’s hard to donate what’s not in your budget. Even a little bit can throw you off.

  22. When people started saying, “I need my own donation.” I say, “me too!” And then I move on.

  23. 4-me says:

    But you are the one bitching about customers lame responses… they don’t like being asked and put in an awkward position. If this was a customer post bitching about employees nagging them for donations, I’d defend it was their job. The point is, leave them both alone and blame the corporation who is responsible for it.

  24. I am entitled to my feelings and so are the customers. Don’t worry, I do blame corporation and I can’t wait until I don’t have to work for a corporation anymore.

  25. I have been working for Publix for five years and 10 months and I only got Role Model once on my eval.

  26. fast facts for yall. inflation this year is about 5%. so if your raise is 5% you didnt get a raise.

  27. I seen someone put a 20 piece chicken barcode on the 8 piece, just to claim it rang up wrong so they could get it for free. And I could tell they switched the labels because the original 8 piece sticker was still underneath it. Store still let them have it for free. Walked over to the deli, and sure enough, there was a 20 piece with a missing label and a messed up box from the label being ripped off it.

  28. I usually just take it. It only takes a second to be nice. I know it SHOULD probably be obvious that I'm not working because my shirts untucked, I don't have my apron on and I have my belongings with me...but more often than not, these people are oblivious.

  29. Same. And I remember getting my first eval and then they raised the minimum for baggers right after so I was back at the minimum.

  30. My CSM was very good with the raises with me. When I went to a different store and worked with different managers, that’s when the raises started to suck. We got new management and my ACSM told me raises depend on our store manager and that my old store manager was cheap.

  31. When we got that round of special pandemic raises my store manager was so cheap that I got 40 cents (I'd been role model or exceeds on every eval my entire time with Publix) and supposedly that was one of the highest ones in my entire store.

  32. The store manager already makes so much money from bonuses and dividends, why can’t they take care of us?

  33. Probably so but if the deli staff have a bad attitude, can you blame them? Not that’s it ok but I don’t blame them. I was in the deli so I know full well. I just think it’s hypocritical that others will eat the food but when it comes time to do a little helping there is no one; my Dad was a manager in retail for 40 years — not for Publix — and he always tells me it was always his goal to get as many of his associates cross trained as he could. You can’t force people but good managers know how to change the culture of a place, and I know my Dad was and I’m not just saying that because he’s my Dad.

  34. Having good leaders is important. When employees have a good leader, it encourages them to work better.

  35. I am cross trained on subs and hot case in the deli, and I’ve worked at a few other stores when they’ve needed help, and I have a lot of respect for y’all because I would never transfer there lol

  36. That’s how I feel about bakery. One night, bakery didn’t have anybody to close. I had to close and it was a lot of back breaking work. Made me appreciate customer service a little bit more.

  37. I love working at Publix but I hate that we have to be kissing customers butts. And we cant say no to anything

  38. So unrealistic to be happy and cheerful to these customers all the time

  39. No, but if i customer disrespects me, I wanna say something without getting a lecture

  40. Never had a customer touch me, but I had a customer get in my face. I backed up, held up my hand to his face and told him, “get out of my face!”

  41. It’s the Holy Spirit convicting you. Pray to God and REPENT. Ask Him to forgive you.

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