1. If you look at the new DLCs on Steam it'll tell you the approximate unlock time.

  2. I tested it after reading through the guide. It still doesn't work. I'm just going to unsubscribe from it and use eye-candy. The Render and Play it mods just seem finicky and unreliable comparatively to other mods which seemingly just work from the get go.

  3. Change your LUTs in Render It. Yes, there'll be a learning curve and it's a little daunting initially, but with the guide and Cham's

  4. Things changed for visual mods just around the time that video was released, so read the

  5. Yeah, this mod gave me problems too, basically the "invisible city" issue you mentioned in a comment reply. I get 'Simulation Failed' messages on the loading screen too, and the only fix is to disable this mod. I had problems with the earlier version too, so I'm not sure if it's my saves or the mod itself really, but yeah, disabling it allows me to play normally.

  6. A reminder to never disable mods as they still contribute code and cause conflicts, unsubscribe or use a LOM profile to 'exclude' as that acts like an unsubscribe. From

  7. Hubs & Transport Dev Diary #1: Transport Additions | Paradox Interactive Forums

  8. Yes I'm at one at a time, I just have these problems with this new one by Algernon.. not being able to move around the map and slow to zoom and all that so I uninstalled it.

  9. No need to one at a time, if you've been away for a time, use

  10. Once you've saved it once, it's your save, just like any of your others. If the user removes the savegame from the workshop, then you'll lose access to that particular workshop asset but not your own saves.

  11. You'll notice the east/west traffic is obeying the traffic lights phases and displays the traffic light props correctly. The road coming into the intersection from top/north is so short a segment that no traffic lights props are showing. Move the node back so the last segment before the intersection is longer and displays the traffic lights props at the intersection, ideally it would be a much longer segment, and then you'll see the traffic lights being obeyed. Actually, it's probably an idea to turn that nearest node into a cul-de-sac, letting industrial traffic take a longer route, as it's best practice not to have two intersections so close together anyway.

  12. You've already got your answer, but as others have suggested, if you can't find a road you want for a project, and you play modded, then quickly and easily make your own roads with

  13. Likely fine on next load. First time thing.

  14. As there is no block signalling--like OpenTTD, Factorio, Satisfactory--you have to take precautions in your rail network design to prevent deadlocks, especially if despawning enabled. If you're new to the game and trains with the limitation of no signalling, follow

  15. Have you tried a NSDR when you arrive home? A


  17. If you can't find a road you want for a project, and you can play modded, then quickly and easily make your own roads with

  18. I was using it, but it doesn’t work, it makes it wider than specified

  19. Hop on to the Discord where you'll get help from lots of experienced road builders. There's lane width, and road width and you can set max road width so you probably just need an experienced hand to guide you within the limits and it's a pretty welcoming place.

  20. The main error is caused by the fact that you are using the incompatible Building Themes as well as other deprecated and incompatible mods.

  21. I'd been running with it since financial districts released but I swapped anyway and it took a hot minute to reset my district themes but my gamesave ran.

  22. It was hidden on the workshop several months back as it was completely incompatible with the game. So, the suggested alternative, District Styles Plus, is the proper building themes manager now. Hopefully, you were able to import your previous themes from the XML file but yes, you would have had to reapply district themes.

  23. Have a look at the pinned resources CSLModding and Simtropolis. Worth looking at Citywokcitywall's four intro tutorials--

  24. Cities and it's DLC are always on Sale, just moves from one authorised storefront of Steam keys to another weekly,

  25. can i use my steam wallet there?

  26. Doubt it, it's not one store, it's multiple authorised storefronts, and you'd be buying a Steam key from one of those and then activating your key on Steam. I use Paypal.

  27. There are probably broken nodes somewhere in your networks. From the TM:PE description

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