1. From what I've seen and heard, people only buy him being solar system level, the Mario Bros would be at least Galaxy + to low Universal.

  2. Even with just the Safer Sephiroth Supernova feat, you can see several Galaxies within the dimension he creates.

  3. Literally any Dragon Ball match up to ever exist. (Whether they have the ability to or just use the Dragon balls is on you on how you want to interpret it.)

  4. The animation would be fairly basic, it would literally be just too normal guys fist fighting each other, though you could use the Deep's powers to try and get some of his fish Friends to fight and make Troy use a cigarette and jamming the deep's eye burning him.

  5. Surprisingly enough (tho I'm pretty sure you guys don't care) the creator of shipwrecked 64/Broadside beach actually responded to my post about bucky vs The Ice Cream Man (harmony and horror) saying how bucky easily stomps... even tho that's pretty bullshit

  6. You know, I have full confidence that I could beat Chucky in a fight, here's the thing yes, he might have the speed, strength and intellect of a fully grown man and so on and so forth, but at the end of the day he's the size of a baby, I don't care if you give that baby grown ass man strength, I'm going to beat it to death in toss it around like a teddy bear, he might give me down to my knee and could probably do some damage to me, bun in the end of the day he's still the size of your average teddy bear and baby. I'm beating his ass. (Especially since I have the better "knife" aka I have a fuckin Saber, sure it may not be as long as others but it's longer than what Chucky has.)

  7. Oh, you're doing the thumbnail? Okay then. When you comment the connections, include the Track Name "Sunken Stars".

  8. I was thinking we both make thumbnails about this Matchup, but I will use that track name.

  9. Mewtwo uses his spoon too pry that purple thing off Friezas head easy dub baby

  10. Thicc thighs and a comically large spoon? Man, how can Frieza compete with that!?

  11. Basically, at the end of the game the final boss is Scott Cawthon himself, so because Springtrap is one of the playable characters in Fnaf WORLD and Scott can be beaten by any playable character, Springtrap scales above Scott so then it devolves into where you scale Scott himself, with the results being Uni, Multi or Outer depending on your interpretation but personally Multi is the safest one with Outer seeming like a little wank but still being a valid possibility

  12. And don't forget, considering this is composited springtrap, he also gets the feats and abilities from Purple Guy from the second update of FNAF World. And that guy is on par with the Avatar that Scott used and is possibly stronger, due to scaling to chica's magic rainbow who's stronger than Scott himself. As for the abilities, he has a 1/999% chance to do a fuck ton of damage or just straight up insta kill someone with that damage, he can also turn certain enemies into weaker ones and thus deleveling them, he can also become much faster.

  13. The one form 06, considering the fact that silver comes from a different timeline in the rush games and the fact that we never see any references to the 06 future in any of the other games besides generations, we just have to assume that yeah it was probably erased or as a very least changed into a different timeline. (Well, considering he was at the past to stop Eggman nega and the fact that in the DS version of colors, he was only there because he wanted to go into the past, we just have to assume that his future was pretty much good until forces rolled around.)

  14. I think Alien X is multiversal and I don't really think the evidence against him saying he's not, is really all that good.

  15. I dunno how popular this is, but

  16. You know I don't really think Zero's best match up is Metal Sonic, you could have just make the argument that Shadow has been on the show way to many times, but I don't really think you can say that Metal Sonic vs Zero was really the best for both. (Especially since a lot of people consider Meta Knight to be the best for Zero)

  17. I know someone already said it but I'm going to say it too, Ben 10 vs Green Lantern absolutely needs this.

  18. I can't decide which so I'll give both of my favorites. Red and Green

  19. Man I need to watch Columbo, it seems fun. I do have Tubi but I forgot if it's on there or not.

  20. The track name is a reference to their smash games (XL Punch Time Explosion for CN and Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl for Nick)

  21. Oh god, the horny yaoi fanfic writers have come into the mix!

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