1. After I take a Maxalt I wait a little, and then I have a cup of coffee

  2. It took me so long to master these BIG multi-pacers but I'm SO glad I did.

  3. I got that same attachment as well but it SUCKS for squares. I'm still a little iffy on the round drills with it cause I don't really use it as much. 4 placer will always be superior in my heart!

  4. These conspiracy theories are so toxic🙄


  6. People can turn anything into a conspiracy

  7. I've decided I can't forgive Mike White :,(

  8. Yup. Tanya wasn't supposed to be found dead, she was going to disappear. I think the plan was for Portia to disappear too. Jack's disposition when he tells Portia to get away from Sicily leads me to believe he bailed on offing her, and was worried for his life. With all the bodies produced, and the man who would benefit from Tanya 's death skipping town days before, the conspiracy suspicion would point directly to Greg.

  9. Oh he was DEFINITELY supposed to kill her.

  10. I don't think Ethan and Harper's marriage was ever doomed by any means. The show is one week of their lives. Maybe they've been together or married but like 10 plus years. They obviously know each other well and have a history together but were going through a rough patch. Idk why you wouldn't try to salvage that. I think also Ethan was not going to be okay until he felt "even" with Cam and after whatever happened with Dapne, it scratched that itch and helped him re invest in his own marriage.

  11. Agreed, I think Daphne's "use your imagination, don't let yourself be a victim" speech towards the end of the episode made him realize he was being stupid.

  12. I accidentally brought some on a plane

  13. I want to see her do a new one🤣🤣

  14. Well always miss Chris, but ABC made an excellent choice for a new host

  15. No. The experiment did work. But Andrew just pretended that it didn’t because he wanted to be lobotomised

  16. Well point still made. He chose to be lobotomized.

  17. what was the lobotimized meaning? i cant remember what was that

  18. Basically do a procedure to drill into his brain to make him into nothing.

  19. They also complimented each other a lot! They did their positive affirmations in the limo and even when the girls realized they had the same dresses on I think it was Christina that was like great taste in men and dresses! Like they’re being so nice. I know it’s early but I think there’s some genuinely good ones in this group

  20. There was a lot of "There are so many beautiful girls!" And seems like more sincerity

  21. I meant the dress was a kind of daytime vibe instead of a cocktail dress!

  22. Netflix is killing a shit ton of their fan favorites too....

  23. One of us is lying is fine with one season anyway since it finished with one book🤷‍♀️

  24. I had to put that scene on subtitles and watch it a couple times to catch it all, and I saw that and thought "WTF?"

  25. I have another question why did the doctor tell to andrew that rachel has been found? what was the point of that. I thought the plot was that Andrew found out about rachel leading to learn the truth about himself??

  26. I dont think Rachel was really missing, or that she was REAL.

  27. I think he genuinely likes Tina but he's conflicted because he's popular and she's not. That, combined with the fact he's a 13 year old boy, makes him want to not like Tina. But at the end of the day he always comes back to her.

  28. See, that's what I always land on. His feeling for Tina are conflicted,

  29. I definitely don't think Jimmy Jr is gay. He has complicated feelings for Tina. The times he's kissed her, and the jealousy he's had in certain situations... but he's also been on dates with other girls....

  30. He is one of the characters I never find funny.

  31. See that’s weird because I don’t like billy eichner much but I love Ambrose

  32. Yeah... I can see that... I just mean in comparison. It's LIKE Billy.

  33. So shock of netflix shoving trashy "Dating" shows down our throat

  34. They made a point to call it "the Circle: SINGLES" Seems like they were meaning for it to go a dating avenue.

  35. Megan Mulaley might have been busy when the season was being made 🤷‍♀️

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