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  1. It’s my birthday today, I got that one Queen song even though I was sure my luck was shot after winning my last two 50/50s so I’m assuming it’s birthday luck…thanks Mihoyo!

  2. Today is my birthday and maybe it’s birthday luck that I won my third 50/50 in a row and got Wanderer today but I’m not complaining because what a birthday present…thanks Mihoyo!

  3. As someone who works at a pool, the only time I’ve seen anyone in this area openly complain about topless women was when dealing with tourists from Nebraska or wherever. People might silently judge you but you probably won’t be harassed about it if my guess is correct

  4. I’m a lifeguard manager and I had to run a short-staffed pool yesterday after people called in, which was not fun. I don’t really know how scheduling is being done at the moment and I usually can’t do anything about these things other than refer the person to a supervisor or coordinator(if your lifeguard is in the south district I can tell you who to reach out to for that, I won’t post it here for security reasons though you’re welcome to pm me for it). We really do need all hands on deck here and if I can help out I’d love to

  5. Yes, there used to be one that hung out at Deep Eddy Pool and we lifeguards loved to look at it!

  6. As a lifeguard manager, I have heard from a few employees that their paychecks have not gone through and it disappoints me that I can’t offer them any help with their situation other than to tell them to reach out to a supervisor. I know HR is probably being run ragged trying to onboard all these people but I’m still a bit ticked off because I’m pretty sure most bills don’t exactly wait on people to get paid late… Also completely unrelated but in regards to that picture of Big Stacy Pool: I haven’t worked at that pool in over a month and I’m glad to see it looking so nice here!

  7. Tip: once they price you out, leave an honest review about it on Google etc. with your original rent cost.

  8. Much as I like this idea, do people even read google reviews these days? It seems that the ones that come to my workplace do not

  9. It wasn’t that packed more than normal and I could literally see the life guards. They did a great job but they were super chill and having fun.

  10. I really can’t speak for deep eddy today because I was elsewhere but if there were more than a few hundred people at the pool(which has apparently been common on weekends lately), I can almost guarantee not every lifeguard felt chill even if they came across that way, especially the management. I speak from experience there

  11. Okay well I appreciate yours and their work for sure. I didn’t mean disrespect. I meant if I was in high school or college, 15 an hour to post up and get tanned and talk to cool people who be a dope job.

  12. I see what you mean, tbf I actually do enjoy my job most days(today was, if you can’t tell, not one of the good days) and I like providing such a service for people to enjoy. Being understaffed has been making running the pools more difficult lately though and when the high school kids are telling recruiters that they’re instead getting jobs at HEB which also pays $15 an hour, it’s hard to make it sound realistically appealing. If you do know of anyone who’d be interested in it though, I’d be willing to help them out lol

  13. I’ve achieved master crafter without it, though I do sometimes put stuff in the crafting bag during the eso+ free trials. It’s totally doable and honestly I learned a thing or two about inventory management lol

  14. I hate going on LinkedIn these days because the people on it are so out of touch with reality it’s painful to look at

  15. Sounds about right. I think I read recently that the Barton Springs lifeguards were asking for (and received?) $22/hr. Hoping that’s true

  16. Hasn’t been received yet, they are currently meeting with city representatives and lobbying for it

  17. I don’t think you really understand my job here if this is how you’re describing it…

  18. Back before my bike got stolen, I hated biking to commute at times so unless something’s changed the past year, I’m a little disappointed with the state of biking accessibility in cities in general

  19. We were cleaning outdoors at my workplace today and a grackle swooped in and gave us a bit of a hand by picking up some twigs(probably for nest) from the area we were cleaning…appreciate the help, bird!

  20. I wound up having no choice but to build Amber because my luck pulling pyro characters was shit and I was having a hard time getting through Dragonspine without one and now that I’ve finally managed to pull some pyros, I find myself attached to her and can’t quite let her out of my lineup yet

  21. Anyone else lowkey hoping for more of Kaeya’s backstory here? I just think he’s a fascinating character

  22. Ngl I wish there would be a Tartaglia rerun soon because I don’t have him 😢 my goal is to eventually get him and make him fight himself

  23. Hope they’re having fun out there(wear sunscreen because it’s hot lol)

  24. Do you mind sharing the build? I haven’t quite got her to lvl 90 yet but I’m also looking for more pointers as I go about doing that.

  25. That’s an anti-gravity staff. It’ll never touch the ground

  26. That stopped long ago for me. Of course, that child slavery lawsuit definitely isn’t helping now

  27. Possibly silly question: I have considered leaving my FT job and working as a lifeguard over the summer, as a way to reboot and work while figuring out my next move. Would it be totally ridiculous to apply? Especially since I'm 49 and a lil chubby? (I'm in shape. Just chubby. Menopause is rude.)

  28. Not ridiculous, we’ve had people of all ages, even past the age of 70, become lifeguards. As long as you can do the 200 swim, the brick dive, and the two minute tread, you can become a lifeguard.

  29. Awesome! Pro tip: if you visit a city pool, they’ll let you practice with the diving brick if you ask to

  30. This is my goal. I currently have all the zones except murkmire and intend to start collecting the dungeon dlcs next

  31. This is what I've been doing. But the posts here seem like DLC dungeons always go tits up and I pug as a healer a lot. I'll obviously watch videos beforehand but I don't want to annoy people by being a cp1300 DLC noob.

  32. I pug them as healer during eso+ free week and haven’t run into any serious problems yet tbh. I usually tell the group first thing that it’s my first time though and most of them are okay with it. I won’t deny there are toxic people out there but I guess I’ve been lucky with them

  33. Im struggling to think of a better way to place these. This actually seems really good, what would you suggest? (Earnestly)

  34. I just personally don’t like how messy they look here but you’re right that it’s not that bad. Maybe I’m just being OCD petty here

  35. No really, these look pretty much immaculate.

  36. I’ll probably sound like an HOA karen if I say the ones in the grass at the end bother my neurodivergent brain a little but I don’t intend to throw a huge fit over it if they’re not hurting anything/blocking anyone’s path. Also, why was my previous comment downvoted? I’m okay with people disagreeing but is a random internet comment that I don’t expect people to take too seriously worth a downvote?

  37. Friendly reminder that being a lifeguard does not merely consist of “sitting in a chair.” It also includes being responsible for pool cleaning and maintenance, teaching swim lessons(sometimes even if you didn’t volunteer to do so when the assigned instructor can’t come), and sometimes unpleasant customer service encounters(if the guy at Deep Eddy who called me a nazi for kicking a stranger out of the pool for drinking is reading this…fuck you, dude).

  38. If I were a teenager I would much rather lifeguard than flip burgers.

  39. Apparently current teenagers don’t feel the same way, especially when they can make $18 an hour at Hopdoddy

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