1. 100% crit strike on vampire type enemies (instakill if soaked in holy water)

  2. More than anything else I want to know how Sleeping Beauty still has abs after so long.

  3. But why is her body brown and her face white lol

  4. I can’t believe God of War beat this masterpiece. The Game Awards are rigged.

  5. I love everything about this! You both look gorgeous, the decor is to die for, and you have impeccable taste in music (Flight Facilities!!!).

  6. Happened earlier this week and Im a visiting, tax paying adult now 💀

  7. I don’t go anywhere without my car now. Too much trauma waiting to leave while loud bachata plays in the background lmao. I need to be able to leave ASAP as soon as the feeling hits me.

  8. Heimdall. His face/ voice/ way he speaks really pissed me off. Great character writing/ voice acting though.

  9. He was eating an apple when you met him, so he was a guaranteed asshole.

  10. True, and apples are also a universal sign you’re an asshole in media. Got some two-fold symbolism in that one.

  11. Well now I have to watch this. Tales of the Unusual and Poison deserved better.

  12. Can anyone weigh in on if the public is supportive of him and this decision? I’m not sure how SK feels about individuals being medically discharged, especially Kpop idols when I know it’s already been a back and forth on if they should have to do the mandatory service at all.

  13. the public doesn't know him, but if they did theyd probably be unsupportive.

  14. Thank you for responding. I figured that was the case, but couldn’t be sure since I don’t know much about the culture behind these mandatory military services and if the average person could get out of it for the same reasons.

  15. Girls dangling their sandals/flip flops on their feet.

  16. If I hadn’t happened upon it just last night after a foot fetishist mentioned it to me, I would think the same.

  17. Haseul always looks so expensive, you mean to tell me a face like that is in debt? Look at me when I talk to you BBC

  18. Another example of bbc spending on something they won't fully use (Vivi's headpiece was practically absent, and there's not a good scene of Olivia showing her full outfit)

  19. Forget the headpiece. They never fully used VIVI. BBC was always shameful.

  20. What do you mean? Basically all anime is now released in batches, specifically to avoid this issue. Even Bleach has been restarted, but releasing in seasons.

  21. I didn’t necessarily mean only upcoming releases, I meant the genre as a whole. Like say you start watching one of the classics and you expect to run into filler. It’s definitely slowed down now but it still happens like in Boruto, as you mentioned.

  22. The classics are overrated. Nowadays people make filler lists so you can specifically avoid bad episodes.

  23. Those lists are a godsend. It’s the only way I got through half the shounen I’ve watched.

  24. Don’t even get me started on How to Hide the Emperor’s Child. 🙄

  25. The way the author goes to the trouble of showing us how competent, intelligent, and all-around great the FL is...then gives us a steaming pile of ML with no redeeming qualities? How am I supposed to ship this?

  26. I was thinking water park but your idea brings moisture externally and internally.

  27. So legend has it 11 AM channing hasn't returned to this day.

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