1. In to see responses. Also Interested

  2. Yesssss amazing picture. Love the classic

  3. Very nice. Tint is a bummer on my end but overall very sick!

  4. What's the point of a vehicle like this? You obviously aren't bouldering or going through tight rutted tracks with a monstrosity like this so why jack it up to the high heavens?! Ride quality and handling have been sacrificed so you can have the tallest vehicle in the carpark.. boggles the mind.

  5. Worst of all it’s a 3/4 tonner that has ifs. So stupid.

  6. That’s a super good looking piece there. Most people would say not to do it and try to scare you off. That seems like a good price for that. Something around me that clean would be way more expensive. It’s just like anything else. Keep up with maintenance and don’t let the little problems that arise start to stack up and I’m sure it will treat you well.

  7. Looks good in 3. Nice truck. The gold is an interesting choice in accent color.

  8. Good looking truck! How many miles are on it? The body looks great

  9. Braided line are just braided over rubber to stop them from expanding under pressure. They’re fine and will realistically last longer. I’d make sure the system is properly bled first before thinking that will solve the issue.

  10. Wooooweeeeeeeeee if they didn’t pay you to take the truck away they got ye good

  11. I don’t have that specific model. I do own a 255ext though and it’s an unbelievably good machine. Smooth. Has great control. Probably the best I’ve ever used.. which isn’t a ton but it’s very good. The only problem I have with it is how loud the fan is.

  12. Wow wild. Never heard them called unreliable. If the tsx is unreliable don’t even turn your head at the Subaru.

  13. Good looking Range Rover! What are you running for the rear bumper and the roof rack? Asking for a friend…

  14. Thank you! I made the rear bumper and swing myself. The rack is a front runner that I kinda pieced together in the width and length I wanted. Always happy to answer questions!

  15. I’ve had mine for 2 years (99 p38) and have put about 35k on it. It’s been a great one for me. Mine was in rough shape when I bought it. I rebuilt all the steering and puffed up the cooling system and it’s taken us anywhere and everywhere I’ve asked it to with no real problem. I think they’re great. I also love that people are so scared of them because when I want another one it keeps the cost down.

  16. Mainly the electrical system is overly complicated. It causes some strange issues to arise and has really scared people off from them. Which I get. Motor wise they have head gasket problems due to the oe thermostat system that keep the engine temps too high. Once a lower temp stat is installed they’re just fine. The original air suspension system is also overly complicated. Mine is a pretty heavily built out rig at this point so that system is gone from mine.

  17. You should be the first to try the welded. Post back with your findings.

  18. Best 4r post I’ve ever seen in here. Very good job.

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