1. It is not a scam. I thought that myself when I first started playing the games but I’m on my fourth free item now I absolutely love this site and have bought so many items for almost nothing and they’re not cheap fall apart items. They are good.

  2. You're literally a bot that was paid to post this

  3. Is this why people on discord have been asking to buy my Epic account? For the alpha banner?

  4. "Suck my dick" is a very appropriate response to people who should mind their own business

  5. Neither, I've never met either of them. I'd save my aunt.

  6. Then she is considered your mom. Parents are who raised you not who birthed you. Only because they had you doesn't earn them the title.

  7. It's a myth tho. You can still get written up or suspended. You got no "legality"

  8. Are you talking about your mom? That sounds like a personal issue ngl

  9. I mean you gotta go all in at that point

  10. Today's "landlords" are slumlords. They won't fix shit but still demand their monthly payments.

  11. Get an STD or be like Ash and catch them all

  12. I mean, we didn't have gravity until Newton invented it.

  13. Edison didn't invent the bulb, he took pre-existing designs and improved them.

  14. Its not who did it first, it's who does it better. Clearly this Humphrey guy wasn't very cash money if no one knows who he is.

  15. She became so jealous when I met my FH. We had been friends for 12ish years I want to say (middle school- early/mid 20s) and I finally realized that she had never been a good friend to me. Ever. She had screwed me over countless times, chose really crappy (and once abusive) boyfriends over me. She already had a child and I was still in college and working when I met my FH. At this time she met a guy who worked at a local bar as a bar back. I'd work, go to class, and then watch her daughter for her (at her parents house) while she hung out with him. She'd tell me she'd be home at midnight, then 1, but she wouldnt come home until 3 am. (Bar closes at 2 but staff would hang out after close)

  16. I helped him get the girl he liked. But he started cheating on her with another friend of mine. I told him that that isn't fair to his girlfriend or my other friend (since my other friend didn't know he had a girlfriend). I told him that he has to choose his girlfriend or the other girl or I would tell them both what he was doing. He got mad and started talking shit about me to them so they both got away from me and wouldn't talk to me. All so I couldn't tell them the truth. I managed to get his girlfriend alone for 5 minutes and showed her all the screenshots I had, plus text messages and pictures of him with the other girl. This dumb idiotic girl said "I don't believe you. I'm going to ask him. He told me not to believe anything you say because you want to fuck me." I then told her I helped him get her and if I wanted to fuck her I wouldn't have helped him and she would've already been fucked long ago. She ended up asking him and he got pissed and told her to block me and to never speak to me again because I'm just trying to break them up and it was all a lie. I went to the other girl and basically did the same thing and same result. I proceeded to just break off our friendship and any connection we had. Clearly they were idiots who can easily be manipulated and he was a dickhead.

  17. Ten thousand dollars worth of Lottery tickets and scratch offs

  18. Smart. You bypass the 24 hour limit so you can spend the $400 you win whenever you want.

  19. 😭😭😭😭 imagine only winning 400 after spending 10k

  20. It's very helpful. The game needs no explanation if you listen and follow the instructions.

  21. You didnt say "follow the games instruction" did you? Your comment was unhelpful full stop.

  22. You sound salty and aggressive for no reason. Everything okay at home?

  23. Hmmm yes can you pass me your worst sister sauce please?

  24. They claim that but also claim they are a reliable news source for the right wing. Can't be both and they get fucked. Which is good

  25. Only the Abrahamic faiths have heaven. Also, I neglected to mention this, the intention is not to be rude, but rather more of a disclaimer. It’s still a funny meme, just we don’t like misconceptions about our religion as it makes things a bit harder for us.

  26. Homie, no disrespect at all, but religion is just a cult with extra steps. In my opinion.

  27. None taken, especially since by definition, cults are just a group with veneration and devotion to one particular object or entity, so you are technically correct. The only difference is that when people think “cult” they think of something sinister, and God is kind and just in nature.

  28. I would indeed do all three of these statements

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