1. I think spring. Probably light spring.

  2. You could be a FN but truly these SD dresses (6,7,11) really suit your vibe. I would keep wearing, no matter what ID you land on.

  3. After the birth :( I thought I was fine but my underbelly was covered in them..

  4. I think summer. The grey between mustard and turquoise looks stunning

  5. Thanks!! That’s actually a sage green. Would you still say Summer knowing that?? Thanks for your input!! :)

  6. Yes! You look textbook summer to me. Soft cool muted color palette in the lighter shades.

  7. https://www.instagram.com/p/CcNnYloOekI/?igshid=NTdlMDg3MTY=

  8. I vote summer, cool muted medium color palette, number 9 my fave

  9. I vote winter. Bright cool medium color palette

  10. Try buying things with free returns. You can just return them once you get the satisfaction of buying

  11. This has been working for me too. And in the time between buying and receiving and make a list of all the things I expect the item to be (comfort, practicality,..). If it doesn't meet the list, I return. If it does I don't remove the tags for 1 week to be sure I'm not on "delivery high".

  12. I live in Colorado and it gets pretty cold in the winter.. Usually by January I already have no interest in dressing at all and it becomes a chore (which is a pity because I really love my clothes).

  13. It looks even better on you! That’s hard to do! Truly impressed with this capsule. I love the colors and the vibe. Everything about it.

  14. This is so relatable! I want a smaller curated wardrobe but I keep adding to it. The best thing I could do to achieve my wardrobe goal would be to actually stop buying things! I'm shooting myself in the foot every time...

  15. I use You Closet on Android and heard good things about Stylebook on iphones.

  16. Following because that line is super blurry to me, too.

  17. Hahah, my style double!! Yeah I had a bit of a hard time fully determining what the hell I am and here we are — I like it here:) Also I just realized I had upvoted you a while back — you are STUNNING

  18. You seem to be on track! Have you figured out your Kitchener essences? Mine are natural/dramatic

  19. That I haven’t gotten round to yet! I really have no clue. What would be your thoughts based on this pic?

  20. To me it's the thinking/mulling and obsessing over that is the main problem. Finances are not at risk but I loose a lot of time browsing. Also all the feelings (rush, excitement, guilt, shame...) related to choosing/buying/receiving the items are way too intense compare to what it should be: just buying clothes.

  21. I would remove the sash/bow if that's possible.

  22. I see the sexy FN vibe as a loosely styled men button down shirt showing a bit of a lace bra&messy bun or a fuzzy oversized sweater worn straight on the skin with the clavicle showing. To me that kind of understated sexiness is super hot but like in everything, it's very personal..

  23. Relaxed but great fitting jeans & a graphic tee

  24. Love all the different pant cuts you’re pulling off here

  25. My favorite jeans are straight, relaxed, 100% denim that looks lived in and worn in a "boyfriend" style (cuffed, raw leather belt)

  26. Said I was from France, asked me when my country was discovered

  27. OMG KEEP IT (also where did you get this from)

  28. thank you! this is from Free People :)

  29. Dress good, jacket too short. Save that jacket for an outfit where pants are giving you a lot of vertical emphasis.

  30. that's all super helpful! I'll try your suggestions for layers and accessories. I do have chunky gold jewelry, shawls and a longer wool coat. Maybe I'll post an update. thank you!

  31. Random question! What colour shoes/boots do you pair them with? I got a skirt in the same colour and I'm struggling a bit!

  32. I have been wearing them over taupe suede boots and tucked into burnt brown high boots.

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