1. Okay I just tried this last night with a straightener & I basically just made hash. I have to comment on this, I just happened to have just tried it myself.. I’m super new to all this, what was your process?

  2. Tried once and had the same result as you. Also new and curious...

  3. dude! did you see the guys fighting in the lobby??? lol

  4. Update: this is by far my favorite in the program so far. only half a joint and the cerebral effect is VERY good! If you prefer a head high, this is for you.

  5. Just picked this up. Now I'm even more excited about it lol.

  6. So what do you do with this? Have been wanting try budder but am a bit intimidated.

  7. You can also join the Dynvap world!, the dynacoil works quite well!

  8. The "M" is a good choice, along with the dynacoil?

  9. I'm 0 for 2 on finishing Certified carts before they break or clog badly like this one. Pretty tho!

  10. Wish I would have known this lol. Bought 2 yesterday and one broke screwing it on to the battery.

  11. I contacted them and they were like "we gotchu, we'll make it right" and they refunded me 33 dollars. for 2 broken carts. I was like "is this a joke? This covers the gas for the trip, but not my wasted time and trust, AND I still have 2 broken carts"

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