1. Linda's in Hempstead for any of the spanish/latino games... otherwise PROST is my #1 recommendation for rugby/soccer matches. seems to be the only old school beer chip/buy back type spot in the area. (without being a regular).

  2. just make sure whoever you go with, focuses on methodology rather than just teaching your kid how to play a different GNR/metallica/acdc/maiden song or riff every week. played guitar throughout my childhood and picked it back up in my late 20's and really wish some of my various instructors didn't waste time teaching songs/riffs/tabs instead of fingerpicking/chords/music theory...

  3. the one in KPPC next to the potters field... legend has it when they drained it when decommissioning it, skeletons washed onto old dock rd, but it was most likely pig and other butchered animal waste.

  4. the cure for high prices is high prices.... (commodity trader)

  5. trying to retire here.... if i didnt have a kid at home... me and my wife were about to cash out and find remote gigs.

  6. Jore... dont get stuck over at the burnt ridge area after 3pm

  7. might have to hit one of the degenerate 3rd shift bars to catch those earlier games

  8. damn your walmart still carries hunting/arrows... the ones in my area went complete yuppy safe zone in past year.

  9. We did the Smithtown lights/lantern the other night, a little pricey but definitely a unique and more interactive walk through experience.

  10. go for it... better than some bullshit ziebart rubbercoating all over everything

  11. Lovely gesture... place has really gone downhill in the past 5-10 years.

  12. Nutty, Meetball, lilys, McHebes, Dizzys just naming all the douchebag joints!

  13. CERTIFICIATE OF OCCUPANCY.... man there are a lot of shitposts in this thread today

  14. im the guy dropping in front of the SUP cause im not trying to fight the aggro bald man sitting on peak and looping waves like a BOSS RC-1 Loop Station

  15. why are there so many levels of government on long island???

  16. feel like this post is off topic..... there are better subreddits for this kind of stuff.

  17. get an initial consultation and proceed from there.

  18. 65 in bedrooms and 68 elsewhere. if it was up to my wife we'd still have the boiler turned off and windows open.

  19. damn.... what does the frame and body look like.

  20. lol tell me that thing didnt escape the poospatuck reservation

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