1. Are you stoned in this pic

  2. Your eyes were looking weak or stoned

  3. Smack and squeeze, but do you like anal

  4. I will take it as far as you can handle

  5. Finding out would be fun

  6. So it's not just men but so some women do this too. It's either a conquest, commitment fear or who knows. If it was a first date they had never met and probably really didn't have feelings before the sex. Different people want different things or you just met them at a time in their life where sex was all they wanted. Like I said both sexes do this. Don't burn the bridge and try not to take it personal

  7. I missed. You look mature and very pretty

  8. Help you with anything you need or want

  9. I would fuck your brains out

  10. Of course it's not that big a deal

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