1. Sry we couldnt make that ): there wasnt enough people

  2. Ok i have to start now or the timer will run out, if there isnt enough people you can back out in the last 10 seconds

  3. Even tho we lost thanks for joining again

  4. OK upto 134 now I was on 119 this morning I feel YouTube wiped some people though

  5. Yeah thats cool mate yeah I like it alot this is great and your very good at fortnite I'm awful at it gd at cod mind u lol

  6. i can get you a win on fn if you want lol

  7. Let me know if your offer is still valid, and I'll sub, like and comment, on your channel. Here's my Game Channel:

  8. How do you expect to provide gifts to 200 people?

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