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  1. Well, time to listen to more Snow Halation. Winter season is coming

  2. Just because she's from a different universe in the FGO timeline doesn't mean she's not canon to the Nasuverse.

  3. Wow, Chloe's singing voice is way different from what I thought. I love it.

  4. They exist? I thought they were just a forgotten legend

  5. People who can understand Miko's English and Japanese? Quite a few of them

  6. I’ll add that Shien and Izuru from Holostars have the vocals, and

  7. Hey, did you know that Akai Haato announced that she conquered Australia

  8. That was a fun stream! The minigames that they had earlier was lots of fun to watch and the concert brings a tear to my eye. Happy anniversary holoX!

  9. Unrelated kinda but holoX is actually both a Gen and a Unit, similar to UPROAR!!

  10. This makes for a good comparison of your taste over the years lol

  11. Wait seriously? I swear those guys always appears whenever the cast is near seashores

  12. Given the original release date, it's likely they weren't allowed to use Wingull as Gen 3 wasn't released during production

  13. Ah. So I did mess up which generation that movie is from

  14. Someone call Choco because this shit's too cute for my heart to handle

  15. Not often I see someone making a story through nendoroid. What a wholesome ending

  16. Man, I can't even tell which is my favourite Gen anymore. It keeps rotating between Gen 2, 4, 5 and holoX.

  17. Man, the fact this wasn't pinned and has been drowned out by the usual flood of low-effort memes here is criminal. Catching up on this now and its a blast watching the bois get up to mischief!

  18. Wel, the fact that there are people dedicated to downvoting any HOLOSTARS related post aren't helping either. Got a 75% upvote ratio in the first 30 minutes which pretty much guarantees this post dying in New

  19. Unfortunately if they forget then they're going to forget.

  20. Don't think I don't know that. Been here on this sub since January 2020 after all. I clicked on every single one of your posts ever since I saw you started posting here, even. I just have very optimistic view of people.

  21. "The Keeper of..." title belongs to Fauna, Bae is the only one in Council that doesn't have a title.

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