1. non-experimental hits differently...

  2. 🀣 genuinely unbelievable how fast the technology has developed

  3. Did you get access via the artist programme btw?

  4. No, I was actually lucky enough to be one of the first testers for the original Dalle2, so I think I was just on their list

  5. You’re labeling me some sort of incel because you can’t remember anything about the book you vaguely claim to have might have read? Just trying to help you prompt it better since this isn’t Dante’s Inferno, AI isn’t that smart.

  6. Never called you an incel, nobody made you comment

  7. You should look up and become vaguely aware of the term β€œcuration”, it would help you immensely bro and definitely cut back on failures like this.

  8. My guy just can't get past Kamala's second form

  9. Liminal space, the backrooms, social hall, office carpet, abandoned, poor fluorescent lighting, security camera footage, low resolution, horrifying creature looking at camera, terrifying, shocking

  10. Nice! I've been trying to get dall e to produce images of one piece characters but so far, all of them seemed to be very weird and nothing like the actual drawings at all, will be trying how you did it

  11. This is using the new experimental version of dalle. Regular Dalle2 won't be able to do something this good unfortunately.

  12. How is the new Dalle 2 accessed? Do you need a pro version or something?

  13. For now dalle is only giving out access to a small group of people to test it out. But we only have access for a short period of time. After that I think they plan on taking it offline to tweak it a bit, then I'm guessing it will be dalle3.

  14. It is almost 2:am where I am, so I am not really interested in fiddling with prompts/negative prompts and so forth to generate the perfect image.

  15. that is good but it's not as good as the DALLE image and it didn't take me long at all to come up with the prompt

  16. Yes, yours is a great result - particularly when you consider the ease of coming up with the prompt.

  17. I'd be willing to believe that someone locally running SD with a bunch of custom models could probably get something better. But in terms of something that anyone can just jump on, and input a simple prompt, this is the best thing I've tried.

  18. Of course you can completely tell this is a fake, because on frame 15981, Mario steps one quarter-pixel forward while grabbing the goomba, but after landing from a ground pound cancel, it takes two frames for him to cancel the react animation and start grabbing, not one frame, so with his forward vertical speed being only half of what it should have been had he not canceled, he would have stepped forward one and a quarter pixels. DQ

  19. I fully respect the sheer power you just exhibited, and I thank you for showing restraint

  20. It's supposed to be hiei from Yu Yu Hakusho, but it went a little off model

  21. Soldier by 𝕃4Μ·π•Œπ”Ύβ„ 𝕃iΜ·β„•π”Όπ•Š on #SoundCloud

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