1. Did you get a dog yet? I know it's been 2 years since your first comment

  2. We actually did, we did split up though. But she got a dog. Not sure exactly where from. She just tried and tried and tries of every rescue within a 3 hour radius and finally someone realized we weren’t evil people

  3. Lmao of course you aren't evil. But the rescues are unreasonable. So you currently don't have a dog but she does?

  4. I have my own dog i have had for ten years. This was about her/us trying to rescue another

  5. I rep NYHC up here dawg, i know what’s going down. I just never seen anyone rep virginia hardcore like this. Usually its just Richmond screaming Richmond Hardcore

  6. Haha to be fair, I’m not in the hardcore scene at all anymore. This is isn’t even my tattoo, it’s from a guy I know on Instagram. I saw it on a story and died 😂

  7. I am deep in it still. In a band and all that noise. I always joke to myself about starting an HVAC HXC band

  8. I think it is more so MERCHANDISING is how bands make a living. Live streams/music streams aren’t paying his bills. He has to go on tour, slap some awesome merch on the table, and hope people come out, pay for the show and buy merch. Physical copies of music have sky rocketed in production cost for things THE MAJORITY OF PEOPLE do not care to buy. So when you get a few hundred or a few thousand made, you price it in hopes to make your money back, but still have a decent amount to make profit off of IF THEY SELL. That is probably why they are $20.

  9. I listen to deftones for Abe’s chops. Everything else is just an awesome plus

  10. Yeeeeeee! Attitude IMO would have been one of the biggest bands if it all came out two years later

  11. No, the songs weren’t there. Some points of light, especially “Prayers/Triangles,” the title track, “Phantom Bride” of course and “Rubicon”.

  12. Dawg, do yourself a favor and frame that poster nicely with protection for the image between the glass and the poster. Blows my mind that you tacked holes in it, but juggalos don’t mind that unless we get future bujeee collectors. Regardless, poster is sick!!!

  13. Man, the best thing to do is just make pad thai, explore different recipes until you find one similar. Then tweak to taste.

  14. Tell me about yourself. Currently, what does your average day look like? If you could, within reason, have an ideal day....what would you do? What are some common things people like that you do not have interest in?

  15. I play CSGO sometime. I live in albany but am from syracuse

  16. Just smoked one of those when i got home from work

  17. Ice build up or loose wire being smacked. I would make a beat with this recording and spit hot fire over it OP

  18. I think I am going to play is safe. Bong in hand, food on table and Phish NYE live stream on my television

  19. Somewhere are albany, colonie, schenectady, niskayuana LOL. 🤷

  20. It's hard to explain. There was a new evap kit that was supposed to fix it but it leaks also. The fix we have found is to drill a half inch hole in both front corners, and cut in drainage path from back to front on both sides. The idea is the excess water drains into the bin. We switched to scotsman after ice o matic released cim. Absolute garbage.

  21. Ah, Chef Jeff, i enjoy your insights always. Not because when i worked in kitchens my chef jeff was my favorite, but on one post i made here about two+ years ago, everyone was going against my thought, and out of nowhere against the grain, you agreed with me.

  22. Shure se215 in ear monitors, about 100, they provide good sound and good hearing protection

  23. Hmmm, i think i gotta find bluetooth to hook up to my phone. But they dongle for that. Infact i got a piece for that

  24. Big advantage of wired plugs is you can also use them on stage or any live configuration if you have a band or any project that need metronome or backing track. Classic bluetooth is strictly forbidden when surrounded by multiple wireless system + a crowd of 1000+ other phones.

  25. Honestly as long as the kid has a speck of maturity and understands it is all entertainment and shock value in the music, i say let it slide. I imagine their parent should know if their child can or can not handle the awesome entertainment

  26. Death sludge is probably just all the muck in your condensate line that got cleared out when that thing was off for days and finally completely de-iced.

  27. Commercial guy here too. I will be having a good holiday...unlike residential on call guys

  28. Not if he has a contract with a blood bank or a grocery store and their shit goes down. Have fun adding a pallet of 22 on Christmas morning.

  29. Honestly, could have just prerolled joints, cigarettes or spliffs, and he had them stored and they got crushed. And he was like fuck it, it’ll smoke

  30. I feel like mooooooooorrrreeee weed should be in that joint.

  31. Old timer I used to work with swore by k.o dirt blaster for these situations

  32. Most of my coworkers hit it wirh viper/blackout, then KO blaster, no rinse. Blows my mind. But they all have way more experience. I always rinse off condenser coil cleaner

  33. If you’re compressor is not running but your condenser fan motor near it is running, you probably have to call someone. If neither is running, make sure your temp control is not turned all the way down. Try turning it up(colder) will it run?

  34. Fireball Clap… cause that’s what they drink and that’s the STI they give everyone

  35. Where is this photo from and how can i get it without the emoji?

  36. XDeathstarX but technically it is three singers

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