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  1. Shia la bouf screaming "just do it" on the right.

  2. I used your numbers as an example, it wasn’t mine. You said take a 50k stock and increase it to 150k after 5 years, I just put another 0 at the end.

  3. We started with 500k salary post income tax, not net worth. I’m also unsure why you seem to believe that the cost of living is exponentially increasing along with the loan amounts. The main point of these loans is to be able to grow your money while still being able to use it. It’d be extremely unlikely that after a certain point they’d be using the entirety of the loan.

  4. I'm getting tired of repeating myself, your example only shows 1 cycle, while your original point was that billionaires pay off one loan with a second loan, but you've never attempted to show this in your maths.

  5. Lol @ "no low effort posts"... Have they met anyone with ADHD?

  6. I'm fine with judging some books by their cover. I hate those UK books with the embossed name and title in gold or silver. Especially when the author's name is massive and you can barely find the title. In the shops it's particularly annoying because the high gloss + gold/silver means you cant easily read the covers. Bonus for their shitty descriptions on the back, if they have any and it's not just a mass of press praisings as "Masterpiece!!!!!!!!!!", "The book the word pageturner was invented for", etc

  7. I'm more of a reader. That way I can also find stuff again. YouTube is also so annoying with ADS ADS ADS now that you can barely watch a short video without one. I'm wondering when they'll start putting ads in during music videos

  8. That's fair - you should read stuff from him. Might be helpful to understand the neurochemistry behind ADHD beyond the obvious "more dopamine = good"

  9. Props to the instructor! Stone cold poker face!

  10. Also, Doctor Katie Bouman was the lead, and developed the algorithm. Andrew Chael was a team member with a master's degree at the time.

  11. As someone who was a member of an android kernel modding team (shout out to team helix!) about 6 years back (ooph - time passes fast), I can vouch for this statement.

  12. Hey Kyuubi, utilitarianism is a very enticing philosophy which seems to provide strong answers to questions such as these. Your arguments may actually hold up quite well in a theoretical situation where emergency services are so limited that responding to an OD does carry the risk of failing care to an upstanding citizen. Under such situations, the methodology you apply to your argument does become increasingly necessary to consider.

  13. I appreciate wholeheartedly the fact you have responded like a civil adult human being, rather than jumping to "you're just a nazi in disguise".

  14. Psychologists have been saying this for decades and it's very deep

  15. A massive amount of thinking has gone into making food taste good, which is actually quite a silly action. Everyone should just eat nothing but bland potatoes for the rest of their lives

  16. You should probabaly educate yourself on the history of these ideas. Google lost white tribe or white mound builders.

  17. Is it racist if the natives themselves tell tales of white skinned, red haired, people built these civilizations?

  18. Would you be able to provide anymore information on this? It’s sort of too obscure to find much about online and I was interested in a more personal experience of it. I don’t know what specifically I want to know but if there’s any other peculiarities linked to it please share. Maybe to do with socialisation etc. I’ve never felt or experienced issues with making friends or connections with people and I’ve recently thought maybe it’s due to high highhhhh masking. I’ve never felt completely at peace unless I’m completely alone to do my own thing. Not that I do anything strange or anything that would be off putting to others I just can’t relax with other people in the room (I have a sneaking suspicion this is due to minor unintentional familial trauma but maybe it’s a combination) thanks in advance :))

  19. I'll PM you, lol I feel like you're my spirit animal, so I reckon I'd love to use you as a sounding board for some of my ideas, and I believe you also might like the same.

  20. Thanks sm for this reply! It’s so interesting you say aphantasia as I feel like that would make sense for me and while I can make images on my head on command and very detailed I can’t quite place my finger on the nature of my internal dialogue when it’s involuntary.

  21. I can almost 100% confirm you're autistic & have ADHD on top, have high IQ and are high in the personality trait

  22. Not just undiagnosed, shit I was diagnosed and teachers would publicly mock me infront of class when I didn't have assignments completed, yet I would score in the very top percentage on tests, it eventually got the point where teachers would just leave me alone as I always knew what they were going to be teaching about that day but I'd still get mocked for the assignments in private

  23. Lol, reminds me of when teachers would just let me sleep in class and only wake me up when asking the class a question and nobody knew the answer.

  24. It's absolutely unrealistic and completely heartbreaking to hear those words when you are already trying your hardest.

  25. Precisely why "try smarter" will always win.

  26. That stings hard reading this. What a sad reality.

  27. This is just the top of mount Olympus while Zeus is throwing a tantrum

  28. Lol y'all are stupid as fuck and I can tell you've never fought but this is Reddit so I don't expect people from the actual outside world to be on here

  29. Yes, because that’s always been the perfect indicator for who is right or wrong on Reddit. 🙄Have a good day dude.

  30. If you want to fish for a debate feel free to go to the cmv subreddit.

  31. I think this is one of those instances when a group effort would be best. One ADHDer and one NT, working together to figure out both parties' needs and how to work around both parties' annoyances. It's the only way to true understanding.

  32. We need more people like you in the job market.

  33. Job-givers (?) don't really seem to agree, but thank you haha ❤️

  34. Most job-givers are in place due to being older - rather than due to being smart.

  35. So far he's made disastrous decisions for Twitter, you can only think based on the data you're given. Stop thinking that someone's track record of hugely successful companies suddenly means they can't mess up - he's running a social media company, not one that makes cars or shoots rockets into space.

  36. Trying to gaslight me by saying 'you don't know how business works' is petulant, you're clearly an Elon Musk fanboy.

  37. Okay...but they don't look good, they're too skinny. That makes no sense.

  38. It's not about how they look - it's about how they perceive themselves.

  39. Okay but no need to lie. Besides some girls eat to get thick. How is that not about perception?

  40. Used to play on stadia. My accuracy is much higher than on Geforce Now.

  41. I think the "compromise"/"middle-ground" in this video is inappropriate.

  42. Sweats vs sweats doesn’t work because it no longer feels fun. Not because we’re stomping, but because when playing against high skill players, missing anything can mean death. It’s fun for a while, but when you don’t get any downtime from these high level matches it starts to become something you avoid since you can longer chill and have fun.

  43. Why does it have to only be your way? Why can’t we split the matchmaking system? That sounds more selfish to me.

  44. Because the players asking for SBMM are asking for a way that allows EVERYONE to have fun.

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