I sang happy birthday to myself

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  1. Happy birthday my man. I know what it's like to be in that kind of place and it sucks. Keep your head up.

  2. Hit one pothole on the way to a fire/emergency and nobody is making it there!

  3. I've been doing PD for maybe 7-8 months now and I haven't had a single issue. Eveything has gone smooth and its been a God send over doing HD in the clinic. I feel a lot better and makes me feel more in control. Usually people will complain when things go bad so you don't hear the stories on when people aren't having any issues and things go well so don't get discouraged. It was hands down the best thing for me.

  4. Plenty of bees in Beaver bank. Lots of beavers too believe it or not

  5. I would just take my parents cars when they were out of the house and did a trial by fire learning experience. I was maybe around 13-14 at the time. If you don't have any other resources available to you it wouldn't be a bad idea to watch a few YouTube videos to get the basics down, then if you can get your hands on a standard car, take it to a big open parking lot and start practicing. I had nobody teach me and YouTube wasn't a thing when I started driving. Either way I wish you the best of luck and YOU CAN DO IT!

  6. He just doing one of them takeover/sideshows he just broke and ain't got a car 😂

  7. Out of curiosity, are you keeping them in a family breeding business or giving them to another breeder? How does that all work?

  8. Most have or will get fixed and placed in good homes. There's two that will continue on as breeding cats to other breeders.

  9. Neat! I wish ya luck with your criminals, they're super cuties!

  10. I'm just going to say it. The last few years the world has REALLY gone to shit.....

  11. I'm on PD and haven't worked in a year and a half now. I get LTD and they give me roughly $2000/month. It's enough for me to survive plus I have quite a bit in savings I can dig into if needed. If it was just PD for me I would likely try doing a work from home job or something along those lines, but I'm also in heart failure and have renal cancer so it's mainly the heart failure preventing me from working. 3 weeks ago I tried to go out and get some groceries and was found unconscious in the parking lot (my heart is pretty bad) and woke up in an ambulance on the way to the hospital where I spent another few days. When I started out on Hemodialysis though there would have been no way I could have worked. Dialysis days were complete write offs and so were half the days off I had. Hated every minute of it . So don't be so quick to judge as everyone handles things differently.

  12. Call me crazy but those are Jordan 4's, not 3's

  13. Can’t beat a Honda like that. But you need some ramps lol.

  14. Nah he drives a ram. He’s just going to put the truck on a hill and let physics take care of the rest.

  15. Is this not in the US? I genuinely thought you could do this in the states. Legit must be somewhere else no cap on god frfr

  16. I've been wit my company for 7 years. I get 4 weeks paid vacation along with 9 sick/personal care days per year. Every so many years I receive an additional week of vacation.

  17. We are not allowed to use heated blankets at my center I wish we could !

  18. I technically wasn't allowed either as it makes it difficult for most to identify when their blood pressure drops. But my nurses let me get away with it. I'm a somewhat young guy it wasn't hard for me to tell if my blood pressure was dropping. That heated blanket was the best thing ever! I'm using it as I type this haha

  19. Exactly, it just seems so boring. Sounds like you’ve got the right idea!

  20. Thankfully I'm on home PD now! Been much much better

  21. I was also having the same issue for a while. I carry fluid during the day so I asked for that amount to be lowered. Went from carrying 1500 ml down to 1200 ml and haven't had any indigestion since. If you do carry fluid throughout the day ask for that amount to be lowered. Worked for me.

  22. I support your right to choose. That said I am 54 and have been on Dialysis 3 years. I work full time and lost my wife 6 months ago to cardiac induced liver failure after being her sole caretaker for 18 months. In addition to kidney failure I am a Type 1 Diabetic, suffer from seizures, anemic and have a host of other minor health problems and to me life is way too precious to give up without a fight. You are 32 and haven't even begun to live, I would say harsher things but I stand by it's your right to choose. I just don't agree with it in any way though.

  23. I'm right there with ya. Just in the past year I've been in heart failure, kidney failure, have renal cancer and am on dialysis. I'm 38 and I had my mother for support until she passed away unexpectedly in Jan. We were doing the fight together. The loss of her was 1000% worse than my health issues and I miss her dearly. Life is hard sometimes but never give up.

  24. It's hard sometimes to see through the vape clouds...

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