1. Also, it seems to get worse towards one end making me think he has a lot of unsupported length sticking out without a live center being to keep it rigid.

  2. Yes, it was pretty wonky, would that be one of the causes that make that ugly thread like cut?

  3. If you stick the work out too far from the chuck it does increase vibrations and chatter.

  4. Thank you. I buy flat bar of steel and grind it to shape, grind in the bevels etc. The steel I used for this knife is N690, a high quality stainless steel. For heat treatment I have an electric kiln, and some aluminum blocks to quench with. Tempering is done in my home oven. Obviously there's a lot more to it than that, but you get the idea😉

  5. Regardless of the serrations or the style of knife, this looks like a beast. Nice

  6. That is very interesting, thank you😲 I don't know how I've made it this many years without knowing that🤣

  7. I will have to! Blue bees are now my favorite insect🤣

  8. South African? If so that a little less than $4usd

  9. This is from the nomination form for the National Register of Historic Places

  10. Thanks🙂 very cool, I can now relate this to my family and end a little argument🤣

  11. They work. But some have cheep blades that won't cut cleanly out of the box. Another thing to get to help with your success is buddy tape. It is stretchy, self adhesive and it breathes but keeps the humidity in. It is expensive but really helps and it last for alot of grafts.

  12. Thank you. Another question, do you wrap the grafting tape over the entire scion?

  13. Rubbing alcohol. Make sure it's dry on the blade before you make the cut tho.

  14. Oh yeah, thin reinforcement of kydex is 100% the way to go. No maintenance whatsoever on the belt im wearing right now, had it for 6 years now zero buckling. Theyre majorly stiff at first but once the kydex heats up and forms it'll hold your curve excellently.

  15. Epic. Do you stitch the kydex along the length of the belt or undersized it slightly so that you're only stitching leather?

  16. Undersize it to avoid interfering with the belt holes or buckle, glued and stitched it down the center of the inner piece of leather so you can hide the stitch line in use and can have a full perimeter stitch of the 2 leather pieces.

  17. No I do a wedge into a v notch

  18. Okay, but I'm assuming you line up the bark on only one side, if the scion is smaller than the rootstock?

  19. Yes exactly. You can shave the bark off the side of the scion that will be pinched inside the rootstock but I don’t

  20. Okay. And when you say water them a few days after, does that mean I don't water them for the first few days?

  21. I have no idea. They just get posted here frequently.

  22. Spot on, Solved! How was it used to oil guns? What part?

  23. Keep them indoors away from fluctuating temps and any kind of kind 🤙🏻 see if it helps

  24. So would a shade room be good? With shade cloth, not plastic.

  25. Absolutely. Think about it three things dry plants out. Sunlight, wind, and humidity. After a graft that plant needs to chill out and doesn’t need as much sun. Think of it like recovery after surgery. You don’t want to give the patient an food banquet. Lots of people wrap the scion all the way up with parafilm or grafting tape to help prevent drying out. Becareful with plastic because of rot.

  26. Well.. It's my knife😂 idk🤷‍♂️ but yea, it's one I made

  27. Great biltong deserves a great cleaver

  28. Absolutely tumble it! I tumble everything. It's a problem?

  29. This knife would absolutely pair well with a Sunday church going suit. Keep on Trucking.

  30. In a straight line, just under 11 cm, but if you measure along the outside curve, just under 14 cm.

  31. That looks like it’s asking for cut fingers and isn’t too comfy 😬

  32. Surprisingly not too uncomfortable, and about as safe as any knife if you not a clown🤣 but yeah not the best handle in terms of use

  33. I got you bro, I just assume you got a shit ton of knives like I do lol. Oh I didn't know that, didn't mean to be disrespectful or anything.

  34. Lol yea I didn't take it that way🤣 and yea there are many many many knives pretty much on every surface in my house🤣

  35. I love the look of this knife. Simple but cool. And that gut hook is clean

  36. Do any work on it outside, as people stated it smells bloody awful

  37. Aha, will have to use a mask and hope for the best... My equipment is not easily moved outside🤣

  38. You want a tip? Don't use warthog tusk for a knife handle.

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