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And there it is.. The Federal Reserve has announced it will launch the service FedNow in July, which will allow banks to instantly transfer payments across the financial system. We live in a different world now.

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  1. Time flies and we got less than 2 weeks remaining now. So many songs to fc, so many stories to finish, and banks and regulatory agencies are on too big of a fire to focus on sif the final 13 days right now.

  2. i managed to redeem present box, max kizuna and record voicelines for all Ruby cards with side stories. but other than that, i'm hoping other fans out there have managed to record other story voicelines also. will be uploading the individual side stories on youtube once i've got time to sort them properly.

  3. imo there's no reason for 1 single person to record everything so, I plan to just record my fav girl stories pana kotori ruby and yoshiko yoshiko and really just expect the rest of playerbase to store the rest somewhere up on youtube.

  4. That’s a good move. It’s always best to record without BGM or extra sound effects, just pure voice lines.

  5. just putting this out here since i had personal experience with SNDL:

  6. when she speaks she needs to inform viewers of her sponsors just like those youtube streamers who tell you "this video is sponsored by nord vpn"

  7. One of the OG pieces tracking short interest in ETFs. Literally the most scammy thing that is normalized in financial markets. XRT is a shit show, I should have done a better job of hunting for a more accurate update on the original DD, but the value I see in the piece is looking at the mechanisms. Enjoy, let me know where I fucked up.

  8. This would be the absolute worst time to make these offerings for any bank. This says to me that they have equity\liquidity issues and are willing to sell their own stock at a discount to others in order to seal those gaps. I would be livid if I were a share holder and Wells Fargo wasn't under any financial duress.

  9. I used to think the whole of the US was like the Californian glamour until I visited an realised how much of a shit show it was, now the UK is becoming worse than that.

  10. Many will come on here to spread FUD because there's not enough information to prove or disprove anything.

  11. HBC is basically acting like a P.O. box instead of a direct mail address lol.

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