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  1. Oh wow. GT4 and 6 are my two current faves

  2. its a great game, sometimes people are too entitled. theyve improved the game every iteration and theyve corrected a lot of the big complaints on this one and for some people it was always going to be a casual game/stop playing after the hype anyways, now they have more of an outlet to complain and demand things

  3. Woah woah I won't go that far. GT4>GT6>GTS>GT7

  4. Ah, sorry, it was kind of a half-joke. Madea is the crazy character Tyler Perry plays in quite a few movies and plays. They always hint that "madea got a prostate" and things like that as the jokes. She looks very manly always.

  5. i'm canadian. sorry about that too lol

  6. I think the best thing you can do is exactly what you did, just get away from her as quickly as possible. If I'm freaked out that a guy randomly popped up behind me in a dark parking lot, I don't want to chat about it, I just want to see that you're not a threat because you're leaving my immediate area. If you were to stand around apologizing or explaining or anything, I'd be on edge the whole time thinking you were playing the nice guy to get my guard down. Pointing to the dog and going away quickly was the best possible response!

  7. Mario 3 is my favorite, but I tell you, THPS2 is such a heavy hitter. Definitely top 5 for me. Insane game.

  8. I always ran my ps5 behind the tv. That'd be neat to have a little shelf to put it on back there, out of sight.

  9. Is that FOUR PLAYER?!?!? That's game changing if it is!

  10. Mitch hedberg used to be the goat. He still is, but he used to be too.

  11. Probably my favorite joke of his XD

  12. If there's no location in our 3 dimensions, it's not real? It's more real than our 3d universe is. You think that God would make Heaven a telescope-able distance away and then he'd wave when we spot him with the scope or what?

  13. Yes. If something can not be measured, it is not real. In the Bible, it states that our souls go to heaven when we die. But in reality, our souls die with us. They don't go anywhere. There's no part of us that can escape reality.

  14. If something can't be measured it's not real? That's obviously not true. If you can't see something, it must not exist, right? If God exists, He could make is so you can't measure Him. Why in the world would he make himself measurable?

  15. You can do the free boot dvd thing where you just run a program that mods the iso that you then burn to dvd+r and call er a day. PS2 slim plays it no problem. Verbatim brand dvd+r seems to work best.

  16. The lack of really doing stuff. Bullitt, Dukes of Hazard, etc, you KNOW that they did that stuff and it wows us. But watch modern stuff and tons of it is CG which is completely pointless and unappealing to me. Take the car. Make it drift for real. Make it jump for real.

  17. It’s because of something that rhymes with shlastic murgery

  18. Scholastic perjury? Which book did they lie about?

  19. Yes. Buy a wii (and mod it, which is easy)(wii with broken disc drive is even cheaper), component cables for it, a wii classic controller, and a CRT that supports component (likely free or close to free). Get NES, SNES, and Genesis emulators for it.

  20. Me too! Similarly there's a new set of hacks for the Road Rash games on Genesis that improves base performance and fixes a bug where controls would break if you overclock the CPU... Now they can run a buttery smooth 30fps and they play amazingly!

  21. WHAT?!?!? Oh man I have to find this!!!

  22. It's a game that has more mistakes than good points. I'll give it that.

  23. Hey that's really cool! How did you find out? Just random testing?

  24. I just ordered one because it's one of very few atx cases that support my 220mm psu (1600w evga platinum yadda yadda). And I love the look.

  25. No, not a good GT game. Maybe an ok game, but it's not a GT game. They've ruined that opportunity.

  26. I even wrote out "FOR ME" because I'd come to this conclusion only FOR ME. How is that hard to understand?

  27. So you're not wanting discussion then? It's obvious that "for me" is implied even if you don't write it. Just like in my response. For me, it's not a true GT game. It's just weird saying "for me" all the time. Sure, say you're enjoying it, but we can still say our opinions too.

  28. Nothing like a v6 in a fake car to capture my interest

  29. Hey that's 51% of purchase price! Impressive!

  30. I don't like it. I'll post a number later when I can get on.

  31. This was one of those "peaks" of gaming. I tell you those games... shark survival, poo survival, street fighter (most i've probably ever laughed)... good times.

  32. When i was 15 I was visiting my dad for spring break. He lived in an extremely rural area of northern ontario, and had a couple of horses that i really enjoyed riding. The first 2 days i was there had bad weather, but this day was beautiful. So i decide to go for a ride. I should mention that my dad had 227 acres of land, and was surrounded by crown land, so human visitors were rare. I was out for a couple of hours and my mare, Honeydew, is starting to huff so i take her to Englehart River, a 10 minute ride or so. I hop off and she trots over and laps it up. I take a seat on a fallen tree and take in the beauty surrounding me. A couple of minutes go by and i notice that Honeydew seems stiff. And she's sniffing. My hairs were now straight up, i could hear something. Something big. I slowly turn my head to the right and there it is. A black bear, maybe 30 feet behind me. I froze, running through my brain trying to remember what to do.. Which was abruptly halted when i notice that a few feet away from this massive bear, was a cub…. All this probably took place within a minute but it felt like 20, luckily Honeydew has better instincts than I do, she nips at my jacket, Lets out a whinnie and i wrap her reigns around my hand just as she books it. I wasn't even on her yet, but she knew i was attached. Being dragged over rocks and frozen ground was numbed by the adrenaline coursing through my body. Thank god the bear only charged and didn't follow us, cause at the property line there's a path of large rocks to mark it. I never would have made it over. When we approached it Honeydew slowed, then stopped, nudged me a couple times with her nose, almost rubbing (to say sorry or see if i was ok, horses are very emotional creatures) i got up hopped on and home we went.

  33. Sheeeesh what a good story!!!

  34. Calling someone an idiot during conversation/debate. Name-calling takes them right down to toddler level.

  35. XD. But it's not April 1 yet.

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