1. I want that cute girl to turn into my cum slut when the time is right~

  2. Your dress understands me. I like what I see and would love to see it all~

  3. I would love for that big booty to drop down onto my face~ MMM!

  4. No such thing as a booty that's too tiny. Let me treat you like a lady, please~

  5. You're making my day a lot harder...

  6. Shake your ass on my face. Grab me by the balls and tease my cock.

  7. My face is your throne, Your Majesty.

  8. Would your sweet ass like to sit on my face?

  9. You can play with my balls and I want to score in your endzone. Sound good?~

  10. Would your ass like to eat my face instead? Maybe my cock after a while?~

  11. I wish you were wearing me instead~

  12. Sit that booty on me. Wherever you like. Get nice and comfortable~

  13. Would you let me plant several seeds of my own in your personal garden? 🥵💕

  14. If you can get my tower erected, nice and strong, I'll let you use it however you please. Deal?~

  15. Mmm Yes. Let my face be your throne, Queen~

  16. I would pump a baby into her pussy.

  17. I hope not. I want to keep trying. Doing my best to deserve you. To be the man you deserve. 💕

  18. That would really help these pants to fit better. I think you should~

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