1. I be listening to Sematary daily but this is a future prediction that I will not be listening to him in the future

  2. I really enjoy Ouija Mac! I think it was a good idea for ICP to get someone like Ouija Mac to appeal to the younger generation who otherwise wouldn't give ICP a chance

  3. Big fan of both ICP and Twiztid! I think it's mega dumb that this feud is still ongoing, but that's whatever, music is music, and they both put out good shit Imo

  4. I don't really follow Twiztid anymore but is the fued really still going on between them and ICP? Or is the fan bases that can't stop chucking gasoline on a dying fire? Genuine question.

  5. I think for the most part, ICP and Twiztid are letting it die, but every once in a while, someone will take a shot at the other side and cause chaos in the community. Also, idk why but it seems like Ouija Mac absolutely hates Twiztid even though it's not his beef

  6. You're definitely gay with all that porn you be saving to your phone

  7. Op is retarded 🚨 Op is retarded 🚨 On a real tho jayz and his wife are super villains and support Al Qaeda so gotta pick him

  8. song was pretty good imo after listening to it twice

  9. Nah I think the white ones would be cool, they'd just get dirty quicker. I really like the red ones they've got

  10. Everytime I see a post about, or by OMK, it's some stupid ass shit he's doing

  11. *67 was axxturtle clone and LeafyIsHere clone he got cought talking to lil girls he also made a shitty sematary cover now he has vanished off the internet

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