1. Good point a Marc Forester series seems like a stretch

  2. To the best of my knowledge Benh Zeitlin is a cis man, and identifies as such

  3. Didn’t know that about Benh thanks for clarifying

  4. Back in high school the first time we performed our melodrama to an audience it barely got any laughs. Afterwards, the director reassured us that it’s not that we were bad it’s just no one wanted to be the only one laughing. So unless it was something big and explicitly hilarious they weren’t going to risk being the one to break the silence.

  5. Ariel's Beginning at least shows us that Ariel's mother is named Athena. And the animation is not as cheap as Return to the Sea.

  6. That film came out later in the sequel run. By then Disney had upped the budget as the films were proving successfulZ

  7. The Little Mermaid 3 at least is not a copy paste of the original

  8. Instead it was a copy paste of Footloose

  9. Would bet he got the job entirely because Lucasfilm was happy with Indy 5. You think Kennedy hadn't seen the final cut on before they made the Star Wars announcement? This movie is being made.

  10. Just like Kennedy loved the Final Cut of Last Sheri so much they decided to do a Rian Johnson trilogy, which we know turned out great.

  11. I was using as an example of a film with an actor lock that never happened. Film was in development hell for years

  12. Technically Wizard of Oz and Narnia did it first

  13. The characters just weren’t that interesting minus Brion and it didn’t focus on the OG team enough (something that S4 remedied)

  14. It didn’t help that the animation for Season 3 looked incredibly cheap compared to Season 1 with tons of blank expressions and awkward movements. Season 4 was a bit better unsure if that’s due to having a more money or the crew being smarter - ie a Mars arc to justify lack of mouth movement.

  15. I think it’s probably both. Season 3 was on DC Universe and Season 4 was on HBO Max. HBO would naturally give them a higher budget but I think they still were forced to be smart with some things to ensure the overall animated quality was better across the entire season. Things like the slideshow flashbacks, the fight in darkness with Cass and Shiva also come to mind

  16. I didn’t mind the slide show this season. It felt more strategically and captured the feeling of reading a comic book.

  17. Guessing we’re so for a Saving Private Ryan reaction as well

  18. Toy Story 4 from Toy Story and Incredibles 2 from Incredibles

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