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  1. He needs to watch himself, these are difficult times we live in

  2. Þarf soldið að endurhugsa hlutina eftir að hafa séð þetta

  3. Outside of the possibility that psychedelics themselves can bring up those memories with your partner, not really. It really depends on what you seek from tripping. Whether that’s to rediscover yourself or to just let go for a while. Some intentionally face the issues and can see a different outcome or perspective. It all comes down to u and what you want. As everyone and their grandma says, psych’s are a tool, but also comes knowledge with “knowing” just how to utilize these tools that are so alien to us.(But to answer your question), whenever you feel you are ready. You’ll see comments about how you should be in a better space psychically and mentally, and I agree to an extent. sometimes it takes a good stern trip to see the bigger picture. Thoughts will flow, good and bad, but it’s healthy to understand those thoughts and to find an applicable solution. Your situation being a breakup, that’s tough, but you’ll see the brighter end of the tunnel if you just keep on moving. Dm for any other questions, I’m happy to answer

  4. Thanks for your input. If I do trip in the coming weeks then the breakup will inevitably be on my mind and I just hope I can work through that in a different mindset.❤️

  5. That’s up to you. I personally would happily suggest doing them as I can speak from experience.

  6. is this an inbred relationship? they look related and he looks a lil inbred himself

  7. Theyre from iceland and theyre not inbred, but they are known for being super cringe and uncomfortable

  8. How would you guide story and progression in an open world game?

  9. Read it as ready for my first trip and thought you were going for a hall of fame dose at first haha

  10. Those are some really powerful tabs if you getting this from 1.5 of them

  11. Ohh I really wanted to trip this new year to see how fireworks look while getting visuals but I didnt get the chance to do so. Always next year though!

  12. I got the snow in my eyes, where should I go to get it fixed?

  13. If its a super hog rider, i will literally eat 3 unpeeled bananas

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