1. Maybe if Danny was a good person he’d atleast let croc sleep on the couch at his place for a little

  2. Send them my way my friend and make sure it’s about hardship or something challenging

  3. Actually Danny’s best fucking podcast max respect to those black dudes for keeping it real w Danny about saying the n word. King croc was funny asf too. Gives Danny a better outlook to other people.

  4. No? SS is bad but it doesn't cause any damage to the liver lol.

  5. Mr smart drug enthusiast it did in my case because it induced rhabdomyolysis, it’s actually pretty common with ss

  6. I think you are confusing the liver with the kidneys, the liver is unaffected (or nearly unaffected) by rhabdomyolysis, but it can cause severe damage to kidneys.

  7. Unvaccinated student here, if you got the covid shot then why are you worried about others. I thought the vaccine is suppose to make the virus only transmitted to those who don’t have the shot. If the vaccine is so efficient why are people still getting covid with the vaccine isn’t it suppose to protect from the unvaxed? I’m not anti-vax by any means, but the few people that don’t have the vaccine, carry a natural immunity from already having it. Plenty of research studies have proven natural immunity to be much more effective, when compared to having the vax.

  8. Cuz this whole sub Reddit is fucking annoying as hell

  9. Dealers buy these shits in bulk for like 8$ a cart you obviously are a 15 year old defending ur shitty cum cart is, that aren’t even real

  10. Yes this happen to me, and it’s the main reason I stopped taking it after 3 months or so I started feeling very tired all the time. Best of luck boss

  11. I experienced that too. Not only less desire to drink, but also the buzz is different & frankly not as enjoyable. But then that's most likely the Prozac is replacing the serotonin buzz one usually gets from alcohol. I probably have the dustiest bar in NJ now. XD

  12. Sorry but when I took it and got drunk the buzz was absolutely amazing it made me want to drink almost everyday

  13. I litterally bought right before dip at 19 now it’s back down to 17..

  14. I’ve smoked a lot of weed when I was on Prozac I was fine and actually felt better than I do now without Prozac

  15. I got these back in 2019 and they are def the real deal. Mine was banana I think

  16. Lmao no there not but for some reason they always got me high asf🤣

  17. Maybe Op would be better suited for construction, landscaping, other trades, etc..if they are unwilling to kick the drug habit. Jobs exist that accept drug users with open arms. That said, probably best if drug users don't work in warehouse environments.

  18. Haha funny that you say that my previous job when I started at 16, was for a property restoration company I was working my cock off for around 18 an hour, breathing in asbestos, working in 3ft sewage crawl spaces, demolishing entire floors by myself, blah blah anyways half the people I worked with were high or drunk when working. Including me, I would toke up with my co workers and be absolutely blasted while operating power tools. My lead managers didn’t care and I never got injured. I eventually had to stop working there because of school and not to mention it being painful long hours

  19. The secret to getting past the screening is to not do drugs that are tested for. Hope that helps.

  20. I just mentioned it was a salvia test so usually marijuana isn’t delectable with this particular test after 48 hours, that’s what I don’t really understand. Weird thing is I passed a urine test which are detectable up to 90 days when I smoked 3 days before it. I didn’t think the chances of me failing were that high

  21. Bro ain’t nothin fake in Oregon(Assuming you live in Oregon)

  22. I live in nj plug gets em shipped out I had buddies carts from him to this one is actually really smooth and does give this dreamy like high. Definitely not as potent as buddies but I can for sure say this cars high doesn’t feel like a black market one

  23. isn’t it legal out there bro just go to a dispensary

  24. They just legalized it, right now there’s only medical dispos the government already regulated the living sht out of it

  25. Complete garbage had the same type of looking oil with a shiityyy headache high, its just not even worth it my guy go find someone who gets some stuff shipped from a dispo

  26. Got this in a dispensary in California last month and thru were on sale. Could be real. It was good. Hows that 1?

  27. Good definitely can tell this is legit, tastes like actual weed and not these chemcalized fake sht. It still makes me cough , but it’s not nearly as bad hitting a muha or some other bm brand and you just feel your lungs hurting, the high also doesn’t give me a headache after repeated use. My take from hitting it is authentic and definitely smacks after taking a few rips

  28. Cop from plug before expect the buddies packaging wasn’t this small before, got me thinking is this sht already fakes but oil looks fine as always just being cautious

  29. Those are valid muhas and mad labs. There high quality bm oil I have tried both the terps can be intense at time but the oil is definitely high potency. IMO there some of the best bm carts out there. There is so much boof out there but these are really consistent. Before I get downvoted nobody knows how safe there r. Any cart you get from a plug is a gamble. But... i have tried both of these brands and enjoyed them. They hit pretty clean, oil moves slow af , and they get me baked. If you downvote because you have a different opinion as me your weird.

  30. The high these muhas give me almost seems like a fake counterfeit Chinese Variant of THC, after a while I get a headache and feel really sleepless. Not to mention the awful coughing I get my lungs, feel like shit on these no other real cart I had makes me cough as hard as muha

  31. Whatever your smoking is definitely not an legit muha. How do you know what a synthetic thc feels like? I smoke legal and bm carts AUTHENTIC muha’s and madlabs have never made feel anything but high same with all my friends. Regarding awful coughing from your lungs have gotten that from shitty carts too just never from muhas.

  32. They were 100% centrally sourced i scanned the back and put in the number and muha said it was verified, not to mention the packing and wrap is similar to mine as well, don’t let these fool you i be talked to my plug and he said these things cost little if any to cop in bulk there might be supposed lab tests but theres also real lab tests showing muha failing. Not telling you to stop smoking these but I sense there not good for the human body just my opinion

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