1. Why would they release a cash dividend?

  2. Lock the float, when float is locked Price go up every second ,,, only the up ,,, only the young

  3. Until we locked float Price will not go up,,, If gme Moons many hedgefunds will be liqudated,,, Drs your each shares Buy only from CS

  4. Institutions Are locking before us,,, Come on guyz drs and lock before They do

  5. Merger is almost confirmed by giftcard address moving to Icahn

  6. Imagine gamestop buys 1 billion worth of shares,,, No shares will be left,,,,

  7. Dont keep single shares on broker account ,,, Drs every shares,,,,, Broker will lend your shares

  8. How many stores They close,,, How much money They will make selling those physical stores,,, about 1 billion Lowering cost,,,,

  9. Drs your all shares,,, Buy from CS, If we drs few million more Many brokers will be out of shares

  10. If bbby is going to BAnkrupt, Price would have gone below 1 , Something is cooking inside,, Buy tons of shares If you want to rich Gme 2.0 is loading

  11. Bbby is worth more than Amc and gamestop combined,,, Look at history, They used to make over 10 billions,,,,, Their Brands and inventeries Are worth billions,,, Some one is going to buy it,,,, If bbby is managed properly it will comeback

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