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  1. If possible, try and get the trilogy pack they have for the PS2. That’s what I got back in the day, and it’s pretty great. Don’t forget Liberty City Stories and Vice City Stories later on. If you can’t get the trilogy, I suggest playing them in order so you can see the series evolve rather than devolve in terms of gameplay.

  2. Problem is, I'm in the PAL region, and the GTA Trilogy Pack is NTSC, so it wouldn't be of any use. It would probably be better to buy them separately.

  3. You have a recycling centre (återvinningscentral) in Östberga, about 10 minutes from Huddinge. ✌🏻

  4. There's one in Flemingsberg too, even closer from Huddinge, but for that one you will need a card to get in.

  5. The thousand year door is one of the greatest RPGs ever made. It is one of the few expensive games that I think is worth the cost.

  6. Yeah, I saw the prices for that game and they are pretty high. However, I bought Pokemon Emerald recently for $100 so I don't know if I should keep that game or sell it to buy TTYD instead.

  7. Kan man få lite kontext? Ser verkligen aldrig på svenska Youtubers

  8. En svensk youtuber som gör videos med sina föräldrar, som tidigare gjort videos med sexuella referenser trots att hans publik är barn. Han har även lurat barnfamiljer på pengar, genom att lägga in ett betalnummer i sina livestreams där man kunde få chans att prata med honom. Det nämndes aldrig att det kostade pengar och många barn ringde flera gånger och fick höga telefonräkningar. Det är en lång historia men läs SvDs granskning och kolla på Anjos youtube-videos om honom, då kan du få lite mer förståelse.

  9. Läste någonstans för en tid sedan att hans kanal är, var, mer eller mindre kopierad från en utländsk dito?

  10. Ja, han har mestadels kopierat sina idéer från Morgz, en engelsk youtuber. Han är minst lika jobbig, tar också flera idéer från andra och skriker konstant i sina videos.

  11. If you only want to play mario kart, then the smallest memory card will do. But if u want to get more games in the future, then a substantially larger memory card isnt too expensive

  12. I might buy Super Mario Sunshine or SSB Melee and play those (if they are any good) but otherwise I'll probably only play MKDD.

  13. I would rather go to Greenslade or Greenslade but if I had to choose between Greenslade and Greenslade, it's gotta be Greenslade.

  14. I can't see the B Dasher when I choose Metal Mario. Let me guess, it has to be bought?

  15. Vad är din åsikt om Yesshi Momsvararpåsms? Är ni kompisar eller fiender?

  16. Yes but it's only for the New Nintendo 3DS/2DS models because the OG 3DS and 3DS XL don't have enough RAM, so even if you could play it on the original 3DS, it would be slow and laggy.

  17. PAL isn't a console region anymore, and never was for handhelds. 3DS has 6 regions, all single-letter. You're E region.

  18. Yes, but PAL was used for the DS and DSi games and most Nintendo gamers still use that definition and would get that PAL means Europe and Australia anyway.

  19. It used to be closer but maybe that got changed

  20. If you want to play any of the SNES titles from the eshop, then go new.

  21. Thought you couldn't add funds to the EShop anymore

  22. Where are you located? Just realized it might not be NA. JP N3ds that are a little beat up probably go for around that but NA systems go for much more.

  23. I'm in the PAL region and it's from Italy, which is good. If it was from Japan, I could mod it and make it play PAL games either way.

  24. kind of hilarious to see dash get twice as many votes as trozei

  25. Probably because it's a puzzle game which gets boring after a while

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