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  • By - PxN13

  1. AKG K371 or DT770 are good options. Don't know if you need a mic tho.

  2. not super high, around $300 or less idealy.

  3. Zeppelin, AC/DC, Eagles, REO speedwagon. I mean jesus.

  4. I'd be down for that. Lemme drop a gun and live. I know it's late wipe, but holy shitballs lemme task.

  5. Most people won’t even bother VOIPing, so if I can tell they’re new and they seem trustworthy or are willing to pull out their knife or something then sure. I’ll even help/give loot. But if they seem sketch, they’re gonna get the business and I’m just gonna carry on w/ my day.

  6. Like I stated above, I've had a fair amount of both scav/PMC VOIP back and let me go. One dude even gave me 3 lion statues and some other loot right outside our extract on customs! I even reasoned with a duo (customs) after telling them I don't run melee to help with weight, I know it's a small amount but it helps. Let me go and sent them towards another duo who let me go minutes earlier. Shitty, but the game give and take I guess. I feel VOIP is there to help taskers. If I VOIP, lemme go bro lol.

  7. Are you/she/he/it/them/they/those/that/this/he/her/his/hers shitting me?

  8. any updates on this? improved rates, the same rates (of spawns)?

  9. Pretty tremendous. If bedrock didn’t lag as much it be better. How it is now is still worth the work. Gets me a few stacks of drops per day.

  10. Nice! I'm on Java playing Better Minecraft and just built one myself. I'm really wanting to up the spawn rates, but i've had creepers blow up 4 hoppers and some of the lower walls so far.

  11. Fuckin Minecraft, Java for myself and bedrock with my kiddos. CSGO is a close second, with the birthday coin atm.

  12. Ohio medical here, on it for 1 year and some weeks. I'm up to around $400.00 a month. Toning it down because money's getting tighter due to myself. 400 is 2oz of flower a month and some concentrates. 1/2 lasts me about a week.

  13. Kraken. Anything to do with the sea and the kraken I'd love. I have a few octopus themed things on my desk and a themed board is needed now.

  14. Interrupting conversation for their own rushed spotlight. CANNOT stand it. It's also a short interruption as well, pointless imo. But everyone's got one of those.

  15. Manual breathing, I love it. I'm going to use this, many thanks.

  16. My brother and I hit 17:?? minutes years ago, it was THE BEST game I've ever played.

  17. I've got a Paulson Pieces ball cap, a collection of 3 and 4mm pearls of different shapes and sizes.

  18. How else do you keep the chamber clean? I don't even use ISO, just q-tips.

  19. I mean, I swab after every dab, but I don't need them ON the glass. I have a little crafted cube my kids made, and I use it to hold my Qtips nearby.Just preference I guess.

  20. I've been having anxiety ever since I started this new job. Have you been on any other medications?

  21. Just Vistaril to take the edge off. MMJ is for my back pain, but I'm keeping my eye out for a good strain to combat anxiety later.

  22. Sounds like they might not be fully drying out, if there's moisture left in there it'll commonly result in red/white errors. I always suggest using 99% iso for this reason, as there's only 1% water in there everything evaporates fairly quickly.

  23. Overnight iso soaks work fine, but how long did you let it dry? Wondering if there’s iso trapped somewhere inside and the excess heat is triggering an overload? I usually leave mine in front of a clean fan for another day (rotating it a few times)

  24. Maybe I'm not letting it dry enough. I leave it out for a few hours by my fan, then hit it with a hair dryer for a few minutes.

  25. The One, Mark Twain and Luv U Need U. Main 3, there's plenty of other but those are great imo.

  26. bro it’s the best you just have to make sure it works is the main issue i’ve had. but it’s so fucking worth if you’re able to have it working consistently.

  27. IMO, It's not worth it if you have to keep fucking with it to get it working.

  28. IMO, It's not worth it if you have to keep fucking with it to get it working.

  29. If it works, it works mane. Unless it's unhealthy, then It can fuck right off.

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