1. Honesty is great but also maybe bite the bullet and eat it then kiss her and let her realize on her own lol bad advice but def what I would do

  2. Delete this as your heading down a path that leaves no stone unturned on both sides. Don’t give him ammo. As to your feelings, they’re valid. If you’re not receiving the care from your partner that you’ve tried for YEARS to get then what else can you do.

  3. His reaction is super whack and I feel horrible you have to go through this. I can’t imagine anybody being happy to hear this tho. Nothing personal either like just in general with anyone in any situation, hearing about previous partners will never end well.

  4. On your feet; lose your seat. I don't get why he needs your permission.

  5. You’re a silly goose. He’s clearly hurt by his friend. She can do whatever she wants but someone that claims to be your friend should not do shady shit behind your back. You must not have friends or simply lack good ones to not see something like this.

  6. I try to reassure she’s not horrible and not a bad girlfriend but that things just need to change. Repeat.

  7. So it successfully changes the conversation to reassurance instead of practical dialogue. You can only control 50% of a conversation between two people, no matter how patient or constructive you are on your part it will do nothing if the other part isn't working with you. You could try to chock her a little, change up the script to actually show you are serious and this is affecting your faith in this relationship: "well yeah. Lately you haven't been present in this relationship, and being there in some form is kind of necessary to be able to be a good partner... It hurts me to not be able to see you more, and I just want to know how we can change it and spend more time together in the future so our relationship doesn't die of neglect. Doesn't it hurt you too, to be apart so much?"

  8. I’m with you dude. Communication is 50/50 and that’s just not what I have with her rn so I’m just at a loss for ideas on what to do or how to even move forward . I’m tired

  9. I have come to the realization that there are certain points in a relationship that I should've looked at situations more objectively and walked away. You may be on a path to heartache when you start to make excuses for your discomfort.

  10. Yeah I sometimes think like wow at a point in my life this was an instant breakup. I try not to think of it as an excuse for my discomfort but maybe you’re right 🤷🏾‍♂️

  11. Yikes that’s extremely bogus. I’m all for treating people no different because of differences but that’s just whack. So sorry

  12. If he’s willing and wanting to change and get help, then ultimately it comes down to whether or not you think you can get through it. Not over it, not past it, but through it. Wishing the best 🙏🏽

  13. I’ve never seen a better update. Fucking awesome dude 😭

  14. Reading that he brushes his teeth once a day was like “ok” then reeky junk and no soap has me flummoxed 😭

  15. There’s a lot of obvious comments of leave and what not but seriously, run. On top of the potential manipulation by your father to the pos, it’s not entirely uncommon for people “curious” with killers to become one themselves. Please get as far away as you can and cut all ties.

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