1. ??? Why can’t I see the two comments

  2. Likely people with too low of karma for their comments to show up.

  3. Again, pretty close to the original testing. Somewhat impressed.

  4. Also, please keep doing this. I remember seeing your posts when you used to do this, and I totally appreciate them. Seems like the numbers used to be much further off, which may be a good thing. Would love to continue to see test results for whatever cultivator and strain you get!

  5. Even if it's about to expire, I'd take some five dollar tenths, for sure! Less than $19 OTD (with the 30% off) for a half? Sign me up!

  6. Jsyk, you can use the airo carts in the Yocan, too!

  7. They use their "ice hash" instead of concentrate. Probably just kief, tbr. They should just keep selling the products separately. Now that I think about it, though, you could get 3 grams of this for $39, or a 2.83 of flower for $40-$45, but it's probably got some trim thrown in. You'd waste days, too. Just stop, RC.

  8. Someone here claimed the manifesto said it's a mix of shake/trim from all their strains + whatever the "ice hash" is. They word it really vaguely on the website, to me it sounds like it's hodgepodge bubble hash from all their strains. Don't they process hash only from GC though?

  9. Yeah, I'd like to know what their "special blend" of cannabis is, for sure. You are right, though. It's Garlic Cookies, if it's truly their ice hash. Only thing I'll say is that there are plenty of companies selling infused cannabis in whatever variations. I guess there must be people buying the shit.

  10. Thank you so much.. would you happen to have a direct email? The website just had a form to fill out and then I found the CEO on LinkedIn but I don't have any connections with him so I can't message him 🤦

  11. I called their customer relations to try and cut down on some of your time searching. I spoke to an agent named Benjamin who said they can definitely help, and you should contact them, and an agent will help you. The phone number is 800-831-1117. You'll have to push a couple of prompts, then just say agent until you get to one. I hope this at least speeds things up a little for you. I can't imagine having kids, a job, and grieving your husband while spending so much time searching. You are amazing and diligent. Keep going. He will be caught. Good luck.

  12. Test numbers were pretty close! I'm a little impressed!

  13. I wouldn’t put it in your grinder because the wax in it would gunk up your grinder. I would just pick off pieces of it. What I did was put a small layer of regular flower and then pieces of the moon rock topped with some more flower just so the wax didn’t drip down into my vaporizer. Also turn the heat up on the vaporizer so it’s able to melt and vaporizer the concentrates in the rock. Hope this helps!

  14. These are not moon rocks, and they don't have any oil, or concentrate, on them. Just kief infused onto a bud with static electricity.

  15. Didn’t see that then you could probably grind them up and would still do great in a vaporizer I pack kief bowls all the time in them

  16. Like I mentioned to OP, I wouldn't bother grinding them, as all the kief will just fall off. At that point, you might as well just collect kief in your grinder to top bowls off with (might as well do that anyway, for the cost). It's meant to be used more like a moon rock, basically, so you were on the right track. Lol

  17. Lol one guy said “they need to get a solid Kush strain for my anxiety” I really don’t think he knows what hes talking about. There’s no legit true kush strains anymore. They’re all hybrids. But anyways, garlic breath 2.0 has kush in the lineage

  18. Yes, they're all hybrids, but that doesn't negate the fact that certain genetics (just like specific terpenes) give specific relief for some. Anything with Kush genetics helps with his anxiety and tends to be good for muscle pain and muscle relaxation for me. Different effects for different problems, but definitely narrowed down to those genetics on my part. I'm sure he's narrowed it down over time, also.

  19. At the risk of sounding like a shill... Galenas.

  20. Their Strawberry Cream Cake is really nice, too!

  21. Yes, it's similar in that it is a heavy indica and has similar geneetics. It's GMO × (GMO ×TK Skunk), whereas Layer Cake is Wedding Cake × (GMO × TK Skunk). It's super gassy and skunky. Skunkiest strain I've had in the program, for sure.

  22. Not defending them but the limited edition is referring to the thermos / cup thing not the flower.

  23. Yeah, they use the cups and "book tins" as a marketing gimmick to try and sell what?

  24. I was referring to how your comment implies they put limited edition on their flower to make people act quick while they are actually "sitting on hundreds of pounds". The limited edition refers to the dumb cup not the flower.

  25. Sorry for the implication. I thought the ironicity of them selling "limited edition" cups to offload product would be understood.

  26. Maybe try a nano emulsified gummy or other nano emulsified product. The smaller molecules are absorbed through your tissues, and the thc reaches the brain before your digestive system gets involved. This also can mean not as strong of a "high" because it isn't converted to 11 hydroxy thc in the liver. But, to me, it sounds like your liver isn't doing the job anyway. If you find the high isn't strong enough, work up slower than you would with regular edibles until you see how you feel. Another suggestion.- If you don't want to take the t break, just try cutting down. Smaller or less bowls on the reg, so when you need some extra help, smoking more would work better. Get accustomed to feeling less high. You'll still reap the benefits if you're not zooted and can add to when you need to be zooted. Good luck!

  27. I love it . It’s prolly the best cart I’ve had in this program . So this morning I woke up at 9 am to go do some errands and doctor appointments and then Verilife to get it , I get home around 1pm. I hit the cart about 4 times at 10 sec seshs , I passed out and woke up at 830pm lol . I swear to god .

  28. Nice! Their Violet Fog does that to me. Relaxes my body like a muscle relaxer, fr. I'm smoking some right now, so I'm hoping for a sound night. Cheers!

  29. Yes same to you ! Cheers ! I am smoking on some white gushers rn , although not from the program .

  30. Rechargeable disposable live rosin pods are a waste? I didn’t realize that. I thought those disposables were specifically designed to heat the rosin oil to the perfect temp.

  31. Those disposable vapes burn at 3.2 volts. You really would be better off getting the 510's. They use the same type of atomizer as the disposables, and you can get a battery, like the Yocan UniPro, with adjustable voltage. They go as low as 2 volts. For rosin, anywhere from 2-2.8 is probably best. The lower the better, for taste and not degrading the oil. When you take your finger off the draw button, continue to inhale through the cart for a second or two, and it will clean the vapor out of the draw chamber and help to keep carts from clogging. Hope this helps. Not trying to come at ya.

  32. Lol now anytime I see a BR or Galenas post it’s like a “Where’s Waldo” for your shill comment. Keep up the good fight crusader I m sure they’re losing tons of business from your valiant effort of steering people away.

  33. just click his name and go to comments and you can see the trainwreck. dudes probably not even old enough to get his card yet. no wonder he's so bitter about everything.

  34. Yeah, I've done that. It's only half as satisfying because there are no responses. Lol.

  35. No, both their CO2 and distillate carts are $20 now.

  36. Can you link a source? If true, I've heard conflicting info

  37. You have heard info saying that accessories use days? Or just that you can't purchase anything if you have no days left? Just wondering. Edit: I saw your other comment.

  38. Yes, you can. Accessories don't use days, and you don't have to make a purchase at the same time.

  39. Yep, and I believe Grow Ohio calls their Hell’s Bells “Inferno.”

  40. Grow Ohio' calls theirs Heaven's Bells (as shown in the post pic). That and their Inferno, both, are Legend OG × (GMO × TK Skunk). Must be two different phenotypes. Hell on Wheels is the strain that has the 9 lb Hammer genetics

  41. Chernobyl? Oh it’s fine….. and hey klutch you like the name bazookas? Ok sure, we have no problem with that…..

  42. I always thought it was funny that they allowed bazookas when they nixed AK-47.

  43. No. Better to freeze them if you won't use them quickly. If you know the day before that you want to eat one, put it in fridge or on the counter overnight!

  44. Super Sour Orange is a great strain, pretty much every time. Glad you're enjoying it!

  45. Did you leave it in your car for those two weeks?

  46. Was it the Captain person? That guy definitely has some issues.

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