1. A friend of mine's kid gave up a full-ride to Stanford to go on a mission.

  2. Not enough money. I ate dog rice for quite a few months. Dog rice.

  3. Mine was kept at the President Bishopric Office by the Manila temple. I wasn’t even allowed to keep a copy of it.

  4. $100 million is "ass-wiping money." It's literally the pro-rated about of cash he'd use a month to wipe his ass. It's a pittance. Wait until he donates $100 billion.

  5. Reminds me of the nine-year-old that killed a firearms instructor in Las Vegas. The parents let her shoot a fully-automatic mini Uzi. She couldn't control it, the muzzle climbed, and she shot the instructor in the head.

  6. My mission president cast a demon out of me. After a few years of therapy, I realized it was pure emotional abuse. Fuck that guy.

  7. BYU coed: "Dad, I'm so ashamed. I got kicked out of BYU for bagpiping."

  8. It might be a sanding issue. These guitars are cut on a CNC mill; separate passes could be off a few thousandths and make a visible line.

  9. There was some forest service land in Tum Tum, recreational shooters would haul up TVs and other trash up there to put holes in. They'd make it a sport to shoot trees until they fell over. Trashy.

  10. I may be wrong, but didn't MIJ instruments in the late 80's have "E" serial numbers?

  11. Hey man, don't know but when u checked the serial number on the lookup website it correctly indicated a Fuji-gen made guitar from 87/88

  12. I guess I was wrong. I have three MIJ Fenders made in the late 80's with "E" serial numbers.

  13. I need answer now, why is this dude peeing out cool-aid?

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