Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez gave an impassioned defense of Ilhan Omar over Lauren Boebert suggesting she was a terrorist and the systematic abuse she faces at the hand of republican counterparts

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  1. I preordered cyberpunk 2077. Most exciting letdown i ever felt over losing 70 bucks

  2. If it's brown, put it down. If it's white, Takin' is alright.

  3. If the dollar is brown, Dan, leave it in the sand, man. If the dollar is white, Joliet, consider storing it atop o’ your toilet.

  4. You’ve switched the argument from construction materials to medicine. That’s called moving the goalposts, son.

  5. When did The Daily Beast shift from being a right-wing propaganda site?

  6. I thought the daily beast was always left of center. Daily wìre and daily maìl are right wing though.

  7. ImageJ is a free/open source utility that could work as long as you have a known distance in the same plane as the object being measured.

  8. So you joke and those might feel good to say but those responses will only make things worse

  9. Plus these are things that a gaslighter would say to continue gaslighting their victims

  10. Depends on how serious their stealing is Id think. Office supplies isnt worth it in all likelihood

  11. This answer here. Are they stealing pens here and there, or embezzling?

  12. A lot of shared stock. Police forces are full of people who came home from the military with no appreciable skills and a sense of superiority.

  13. Are you sure about that? Cops tend to hate military most folks from what I’ve seen

  14. Cultural appropriation goes deeper than a message board comment could ever make any sense of, but here goes a short take: In America it’s best not to play dress up off other cultures because America is based on stolen cultures. There, i said it. Down votes commence.

  15. Did you try reinstalling blender? What are your pc specs? Did anything change in the pc driver wise? Can you open the files on another computer? Try booting from a Linux usb and see if blender opens the files there?

  16. Focusing on state workers is truly the strangest part of this. They're located right across a parking lot from apartments whose tenants might visit for lunch more often if they were teleworking. Obviously this is pretty simplified but the idea that if there's more people living downtown there's more people to visit businesses downtown should be their priority. There's definitely a strange air coming from this note when they say they believe in downtown but think downtown is just for state workers.

  17. Eating out every day is a luxury most folks can’t do. A lot of high paid state workers on lunch break could afford that, but not I.

  18. In the open dialogue box, there’s an option that’s like “don’t load ui” or something like that

  19. No one is denying how strong the writing is or how hateable Micah is. But how are guys not tired of hating him after all these years? How can you possibly still get satisfaction out of saying and doing the same stuff that has already been said and done here countless times? This subreddit is supposed to be about all things related to this game. I shouldn't have to leave it because a lot of people are obsessed with hating a character when there's also a lot of content here I enjoy. I hate Micah too, but he doesn't live rent free in my head like he does for you guys.

  20. It would depend on the individual in each circumstance. That’s kinda the whole point of my body, my choice.

  21. Does shag means the same in the US as it does here in the UK? This post title really caught my eye!

  22. Final Cut is a nightmare unless you learn the core of its workflow. Once you do, most tasks become a breeze. I do edits ranging from basic beginning middle end stuff with intro and credits, to extensive compositing. Once you get to know how it all tied together, it makes editing very intuitive. But i learned all the hotkeys and file management, before that i was a mess with it.

  23. Damn this is very wholesome and I appreciate every bit of it. Great idea - I’ll move forward with that today. Have a good one and thanks homie.

  24. I learned the hard way a few weeks ago that the samurai recorder will pass audio even if the record mix is disengaged. Fortunately, one of the cameras had good enough audio to run through about 9 hours of eq, expanders, and ai. I ducked audio to the frame whenever the operator talked, so it sometimes sounds like some pretty funky zoom audio. Shook my confidence for a bit, but now i double check the samurai every time.

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