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  1. To add to this (correct) answer: It's largely attributed to being popularized by an early Quake pro named Dennis "Thresh" Fong.

  2. Is the League of legends character named directly after him?

  3. I just ordered a 10" and 12" online for $20 and $30, respectively, from Macy's. These are the Merton & Storck brand.

  4. The 10” is also $20 on amazon, I just ordered one a few hours ago

  5. Wish they were that price when I ordered it from Macy's a week ago. As far as I can tell, Macy's still hasn't shipped the pans as of 1 minute ago. Rather frustrating!

  6. Yeah it might be delayed due to Christmas season, hopefully you get them soon

  7. Although most micros don't have a 30% power, they just cycle full power on and off. So essentially, you're running full, then leaving to rest, allowing heat to diffuse (good in itself), then full. There's a patent on the low power tech which iirc expires in a year or so, so we'll see this in more micros.

  8. does a specific microwave brand own the patent or is it for something unrelated?

  9. I have cooked plenty of steaks straight out of the fridge, without waiting for them to come up to room temperature. They still come out well.

  10. Most importantly (and not mentioned yet) pull enemy minion aggro so you are being attacked not your minions, and go for casters, then catty, then melee. Of course, this is really only feasible if you know the enemy laner won't return.

  11. I always heard that killing casters first is the best way to set up a slow push? If you’re taking aggro then isn’t it best to kill the melees first so that your wave actually starts pushing up

  12. How much did you get the logitech one for?

  13. For same price? regular embody. For like $400 cheaper like it was on Black Friday? Logitech. I dislike the asthetics and ridges of the LE, but if you pay me, I'll take it.

  14. If anyone is in the market for one of these, the Logitech version is still on sale

  15. I think I’ll sell it. I’m in more pain then before using this chair for two months now.

  16. I like the Logitech Emobdy more than the standard but I got my standard for $700 so I went with that

  17. Where'd you find that price? I'm okay with either of the Embody's, my main goal is to find one under $1000

  18. That's not even kind of true. Women are viewed as being weaker and thus a better target. I mean, all you literally have to do is look up the number of assault and rape cases against women vs men.

  19. There are more violent crimes (including assault and intimidation) against men than women, the only exception is sexual offenses.

  20. Fun fact, Nina and Pinta were both nicknames for those ships. No one knows the Pinta's actual name, it's lost to history.

  21. There's a world where champions can become literally too good because their kit works so well for jungle lol

  22. I just don't see a world where they do that and also have the game "feel" the same as it does now, which is my main concern of a total engine rewrite

  23. I think blizzard did it pretty successfully, you can say what you want about OW2 but it does feel just like the original

  24. Blizzard didn't do anything, ow2 was just an pretty minor gameplay update to ow1 with new cosmetics and stuff.

  25. yeah, overhaul the engine but keep the gameplay the same. That’s what the guy above me didn’t think was possible for riot to do with league

  26. Yeah but what was so funny was that it was his comet that killed Viktor. :)

  27. In the end, what does it matter if they sign 5 random people from the Starbucks down the road?

  28. I don’t think academy should be regulated but also ur reasoning is terrible, if we followed that logic then every team would be 100% imports

  29. Is ur own still holding up well? i’m debating between OXO and Merten

  30. I've been very happy with the OXO. I did manage to cook a lemon sauce that stripped the finish, and haven't gotten as good a nonstick surface since, but I really like the weight and how it handles, and no warping or anything, so yeah, still pleased!

  31. How’s maintenance? some people say just rinse it after every use and some seem to suggest heating it with oil every time (which seems like a hassle ngl)

  32. Usually the cheapest 55” I can find is $250. What’s the catch with this? Seems like an insanely good deal for 65”

  33. Where do you learn this kind of thing? Is this a subject? It piques my interest and I’m in need of a healthier interest atm (please save me from analyzing Real Housewives personalities, dynamics, and interactions).

  34. def within the field of psychology but if anyone could narrow it down or recommend a book that would be awesome

  35. I legit felt like I was going to die. My wife asked if we needed to go to the ER and said hell no, I’m not showing up to the ER for them to laugh at me for being too high.

  36. on the bright side, nobody’s ever died from weed overdose so u weren’t risking much by skipping the ER visit

  37. T1 head coach is becoming their defense against the dark arts position.

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