1. Ha, try putting $2200 wheels ( berd hawk 30) on a $400 frame ( ragley big Al)

  2. How do you like them?? Having a really hard time not pulling the trigger on em.

  3. You can cut the old bolt out, and take a new hardware store bolt to the grinder in order to sneak it into the flange. But unless it’s very cost prohibitive to you I’d just get a new flange. It’s not a difficult job, just get a new output shaft seal and put the nut back where you found it. There are a myriad of YouTube videos outlining that process.

  4. That’s the next solution, if I can d.I.y. Shop rates around here are ridiculous, I was quoted $1900 to change spark plugs and coils, bought the parts for $400 and did it myself in one hour!

  5. Used to work on these things all the time! You’ll do fine with the conversion, get it aligned and you’ll be golden!

  6. Mindfulness is what helped me the most. And beyond that just a lot of life experience, the big stuff is less of a shock factor anymore. I still struggle from time to time on the mindfulness but it’s a constant effort. The therapist I got along with the most was huge on the mindfulness thing and kind of the only thing that clicked with me.

  7. how do you like it after a year?

  8. Still love it, it’s set up just how I like it for my wife and I. We use it in ski resort parking lots, out in the woods, in RV parks etc. sometimes I wish we had a nice van because popping it up and down and getting in and out can be cumbersome when you’re tired and stuff. But there’s a lot of places we’ve gone that a van could never go.

  9. I know where I want to put the heater itself but I have no idea where to put the fuel tank. Also, wondering about connecting it to the battery or if I should get a secondary battery. Any advice or recommendations would be awesome

  10. My diesel heater tank is on the driver side of the bed, between the body and the bolted to the bed itself. And I ran the fuel line to the heater on the passenger side where the intake and exhaust go through the little cubby box thing.

  11. I was thinking about that spot actually, but I couldn't figure out how to refuel it with out it being a pain. Is there any concern with damage from debre or water? I'm stoked to see those pictures! Thanks for sharing

  12. I have a little flap cut out in my fender well, and it’s not too bad getting the diesel filler in there. The fender liner covers it up, but I wouldn’t be concerned about anything hurting it. The cap might get muddy without a liner though.

  13. As someone who has their ACL replaced and meniscus is repaired, I really value releasable bindings. Love tele skiing and I still do it, but alpine bindings are technically safer. There is something to be said about tele bindings flexing and saving your knees from different positions though.

  14. They’re just really excited about it and that’s all good. Life experience will hopefully build some humility. And I know some techs that I would trust with patients more than some nurses.

  15. How much did they run you? I am worried about the price if mine ever go out outside of warranty.

  16. Also recommend, I sleep just as well on this thing as I do at home.

  17. For the lift on my off road 3rd gen I went with ironman 4x4 2.5” foam cell pro kit. And I have ~33” general grabber ATX tires. I spent the better part of my life as an auto repair technician and find the suspension to be of good quality and combo of on / off road performance. Where it lacks off-road wise, it makes up for with on-road road trip highway performance. It’s gotten me through as rough as I want to go through in the southwest. I keep around 600-700 pounds in my truck bed with my ovrlnd camper setup and it handles acceptably everywhere I take it. I would probably have to go preeetty far into the Icon double bypass lineup or something similar to feel like it was worth the upgrade.

  18. Rotate your front tires side to side. If the pull changes then it’s your tires.

  19. Gas is so much more controllable. Plus you don't have to deal with all the DEF and DPF system meaning you can be reliable AND 50-state legal.

  20. As a tech who left auto repair, absolutely this. It’s like the Achilles heel of diesel vehicles right now.

  21. I have some left in the garage I’ll have to look. It nearly goes flush with the metal bars going vertical. I plan to add another layer then sandwich it in when I finish the walls. (That’ll be a winter a winter project)

  22. Yeah if it goes flush it’s the good insulation.

  23. I’d love to hear what diesel heater you are running! We store the goal zero which is lithium ion in a smaller plastic container (pelican type case) in super cold conditions. Seems to help a little.

  24. Just a random Chinese one off Amazon. They’re all more or less the same, my only complaint is the leaking plastic fuel filters. Send me a DM and I can show you where I mounted everything etc.

  25. My immediate thought based on your description is the moment deathwish. Triple camber isn't for everyone, but to me it matches your description, playful, slarvy, schmeary to a T. It's on the upper end of your width spec but it feels narrower.

  26. Came here to say this. The 104 is a great option too if you don't want the width of the OG, the rocker just makes it so playful.

  27. Oh man these look like really sexy skis. A little $$ but ill see what they offer for a pro deal.

  28. The OG Deathwish is 112 for whatever 2mm is worth. And I wouldn’t hesitate to size up. They’re a lot of rocker, but ski a lot better on hard snow/ice than you would think. But the 104 is what I have my outlaws xs on and they’re way fun.

  29. Some of the things you list are wildly outside the scope of CNAs. Some are outside the scope of even RNs (stripping chest tubes. Stop doing that immediately, it’s very dangerous).

  30. I’m not a CNA and it’s all with a significant amount of extra training. They all required extra observations to be certified to do it. And some I’m not allowed to do without observation, orders, or explicit permission.

  31. Stripping chest tubes is outside RN scope in some states

  32. Right, only if the doc calls for it and I’ll always ask before doing just about anything. And like I said it’s stuff all the ICU techs do as CNAs.

  33. At our hospital you're basically only expected to watch the patient, if it's suicide then you keep them from hurting themselves. And so on with elopement risk etc. When I have another tech on my floor I don't expect them to do my job. In fact, some of them aren't even technically allowed to provide patient care. So if a tech does their bath, sugars or vitals I see that as going above and beyond.

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