1. Eggs. Lots of eggs haha. Spanish tortilla, egg fried rice, avocado toast with eggs, omelette, etc. On my laziest days I’ll get a pot of rice going, while it cooks, I’ll steam some veggies. I then melt some butter and lemon juice on the veggies, serve rice in a bowl, top with veggies, and throw two fried eggs on top.

  2. It’s a good time but I actually mostly stick to coco, with the occasional DWC run (it’s fun and seeing the plant get so massive is exciting). My big issue with DWC is that when the plant gets big, it’s kind of unwieldy. I would often hit the lights with the plant when swapping buckets to change water. When it’s big and flowering that water barely lasts a day or two, and that’s annoying to have to do every day. I run a 4x4 tent and two DWC autos are too much for it. Even with just two the plants are smashing into each other and the walls.

  3. Awesome, thanks for the info mate! It will definitely be a learning curve, but I can see myself having a crack at it this year

  4. Sexist and racist, but don't you dare kink-shame.

  5. Nah, our society needs to bring back shaming. Especially kink shaming. The great philosopher Hank Rutherford Hill when speaking with his son Robert noticed Robert was doing some weird things (I forget exactly what), and he quickly said “Bobby, stop that. People are going to think we didn’t teach you shame”.

  6. Oh shit! Thank you for this, I’ll let her know. Although part of me will miss laughing at them, but I won’t miss the follow up feeling to the laughter: despair at our collective future hahaha

  7. Wait until these people learn about Vladimir Stalin’s plan to put soy in the water and turn the frogs gay before they were put on Sputnik to user in gay space frogmmunism

  8. Because the Soviet Union was a state that’s whole justification was the progress of the people. When buildings were ugly or samey, it’s only because that was the only way to meet the needs of the people. Where the public could benefit from time out in the country (dachas), sports, recreation, or public beauty, it was done as feasible.

  9. Maybe it doesn't make sense if they're Jo Shmo of some local band. But Beyoncé for example holds a ridiculous amount of authority and power over her fans. She absolutely shouldn't hold that much power over them, but American media causes an almost hypnotic effect around some of these celebrities.

  10. I get what you’re saying but how is that different than having a hard crush on someone, like a teenager, where you’re making them up to be this perfect person in your head and all that?

  11. My point is the teenage crush has a similar effect where you put someone on a pedestal and make them into a perfect being in your mind. I wholeheartedly agree celebrity culture is toxic but more in the sense that it pushes and normalizes hyper capitalistic ideology, not because they’re too powerful.

  12. Unfortunately yes. That said there’s a chance that this is all you get, so there’s that to hold on to. I got my nodule well almost 3 years ago, and it hasn’t progressed. Hell some days I even think it’s getting softer (I am trying a Hail Mary, so shit maybe it’s that?!).

  13. Thank you. I try to tell people what took me far too long to figure out on my own. While it’s not cancer or anything deadly, the idea of potentially becoming disabled is terrifying and I spent way too many sleepless nights after my diagnosis worries my hand was going to be a claw by the end of the month haha

  14. I have not read an am not replying to anything after the first paragraph, but I will reply to the guts of the first paragraph which reads:

  15. I’ll rephrase the question. What I was trying to say is that a lot of the rhetoric I’ve heard speaking of the limits of growth, tend to also buy into the delusion that it is possible to have a limited capitalism. That we can just hit pause at some given point of development and just go round and round over and over again at that same level. Basically limiting capitalism to a point where it is not destructive because it is not allowed to expand. That’s what I meant by addressing nonstop growth while maintaining capitalist relations (there are capitalists, workers, private property, surplus value, etc).

  16. I read the beginning of your comment as “I’ll answer the first one but I’m not reading the rest” and as someone who constantly gets told “I’m not reading that wall of text” I jumped to conclusions. My apologies. I’ll read and reply to your comment

  17. It’s a great conversation, and it’s totally one with lots of nuance and room for interpretation. Thanks for engaging in good faith!

  18. I like your position on it, but it does have one gaping hole imo: it almost makes it seem like one has to die to be a “great” artist haha. What would you say if a current and very problematic artist made the most beautiful piece of music you’ve ever heard and we’re still alive? I’m talking like suddenly everything you’ve heard before got knocked down 10 notches. If you were to enjoy their art they would profit from it.

  19. Yeah, I think you’re generally right. To be clear, I do think it would be a good decision for them to stop hiring her in the future because I think arts orgs should take a stand and have values instead of just doing whatever it takes for them to make money. That’s consistent with my criticism of the Met before the Ukraine invasion — I criticized them for continuing to hire Netrebko despite the racism. Did they make the decision out of any virtues or string stance against invasion? Of course not; they just thought it would be a good PR move.

  20. Hmm Im conflicted. On the one hand, I’ll admit that I’m human and prone to tribal feelings, and there are certain topics and view points that I do not respect in the slightest and would support removing people based on these things. I’ll admit this is rather hypocritical given what I just said, but ya know honesty. This is if I had complete control though haha, in the context of a liberal democracy and the implications for the left, I stand firmly with mg earlier comment

  21. Did you even read the actual doc they posted? Digital nomads do not fall under a single one of the use cases for an employment or business visa lol. You're illegally working on a tourist visa if you're a digital nomad, since you won't be approved for the other types of visas. Flying to India on a business trip is not being a digital nomad, that's just a business trip. Living there and working without a business or employment visa is illegal. Just stop trying to make this a whole thing and accept that the lifestyle is technically illegal and move on. This is pretty black and white.

  22. Grey area is a better label. The laws about labor were created there prior to the internet, are an effort to protect local workers from foreign competition. With remote work, it doesn’t really work that way. You’re also bringing in more money to the region, essentially a longer term tourist which does help local businesses.

  23. It's not a grey area, it's illegal. Countries are creating these new types of visas to make it legal to work remotely, in the meantime you're usually breaking the immigration (and potentially labor and tax as well) law.

  24. Grey area. Dc made weed legal, but didn’t set up a retail system. People started selling it anyways by selling things like candy and “gifting” weed. We’re they breaking the law? Maybe(yes). Was everyone pretty much cool with it since it filled a need? Absolutely and now the city is full of these businesses, many with storefronts.

  25. Hey just wanted to say that I hope your turtle feels better soon. She’s very cute. Look around to see if there are any low cost vets near you that might be sympathetic to your situation. Best of luck

  26. I haven't yet I'm just about to get home from school i hope she makes it because i am not ready to lose her

  27. Check to see if you have any local turtle enthusiast Facebook groups or other social media near you. I’d ask questions and vet recommendations there. And like I said look for low cost vets near you.

  28. Gasp a corporation stealing wages from its workers?! Why I never!

  29. I'm unconvinced. we have too many other features, like the long intestine, and flat teeth, that indicate vegetable diets.

  30. yes we are clearly omnivorous, but that just means we can eat everything not that we have to eat everything.

  31. I mean it did teach us a lot, does it not count if the authorities just throw it out the window?

  32. People had been pointing out those issues for quite some time before covid. We’re in the exact same position as before covid, only now those people warning can point at a real life example. What changes have been made to prevent anything in the future from getting this bad? Im not seeing much

  33. Yeah I'm not seeing anything either. People were warning it was possible, but now we see that it actually happened. And yet, to the establishment, they still behave as if it can't happen.

  34. Hear hear. The most we get is some progressive sounding bullshit while they do what you said behind the scenes and paint it as progressive.

  35. Too sensitive, also do the same thing back to them. Help each other seem more productive. I have a weekly “UI strategy sync” hour long meeting with the head of design where we mostly just complain about management and tell jokes, I mean yeah sometimes we talk about work, but like 90% of the time it’s just us bullshitting, but he pitches it as “oh yes was ya know explaining the intricacies of our design strategy to Klassenhass”, and I’m like “oh yes I was just evaluating the technical feasibility of the design created and how we can fit the build in our road map”.

  36. My 4 year old loves play makeup. I see all of these comments about how children shouldn’t be using makeup but I’m not really sure I understand that point of view if you’re doing your diligence to make sure what they’re using is safe. And also making sure you’re directing their self esteem in appropriate ways. It’s like her wearing her princess dress-up dresses. Her wanting hot purple eyelids isn’t trying to be “more attractive” she just thinks she looks fun and different.

  37. I personally don’t really see an issue but to play devils advocate for a moment, I think the big issue here is the normalization that to be pretty means to do these things. While your kid is most definitely probably just having fun, theyre 4. What happens as they get just a little older and start connecting these things with attractiveness and attractiveness with being treated well? Are we just ensuring the next generation will be good little consumers for the things we don’t need that have become necessary in our culture?

  38. I get the sense that there has been a huge push to draw attention to more minor environmental pollutants (still a problem, for sure, but more minor) in order to distract from the much more serious damage huge corporations have done and continue to do. Like DuPont causing C8 to be in literally every living organism on the planet, now. But hey, who cares, because gas stoves and makeup might be bad, too, right? That's the impression I've been getting recently.

  39. Don’t ya know everything is YOUR individual fault, corporations didn’t force you to umm purchase goods that all come from them and you had no say in making. Oh wait…

  40. Looks great! You growing some local strains or is that a western bean?

  41. I took the Seattle Mountaineers Basic Climbing Course in 1979. My first glacier climb was this route, up the Coleman glacier. It was an awesome climb, great conditions like you have here. It was all so very different from anything I'd ever experience before, I felt like I was on Mars. But after years of climbing, now it is like old home week to get back up there above snow line, where the sky meets the glaciers :). By the way, 78 years old, and got to 10,000 feet on Mt Adams last July :). Once a climber, always a climber :).

  42. I thought my son and wife were joining me but, it ended up just me, Crystal Hot Sauce, and a Japanese whiskey.

  43. Just discovered crystal hot sauce. Best cheap hot sauce!

  44. Let’s turn up the difficulty, what’s the solution for your cat stomping all over your plants so they can get a tan from the grow lights?

  45. Bring back shame! We need shame, people shouldn’t feel comfortable saying dumb shit in public

  46. It’s illegal to exclude women from shelters based on race or nationality. It’s not a concern because it’s already been decided. Not to mention that literally every JKs shelter gets brought up it’s always in regard to them not accepting trans women. That’s what I mean by you being dense.

  47. Anyone who has ever been fat themselves knows it sucks for reasons completely detached from social interaction. Rich people may decide to once again use it as a way of signaling they don't have to work, but it will never be genuinely popular to be miserable like that regardless of how common it gets.

  48. Im less worried about being popular and much more about it being fully normalized. To your point even though we are an obese people, it’s still seen as not ideal and something you want to change. A lot of the push for weight loss does come from the social realm. I know I lost alot of weight because I was unhappy with my social standing. If we lose that, we loose one of the biggest drivers of weight loss: shame lol.

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