1. I've read somewhere that if Prospera actually turned Eri into Aerial, then indeed Delling is right about his quest to shut down the Gund-Arm development. I feel like this episode supports that theory, I mean Prospera is literally the Char clone in the series, and I feel like Delling letting his daughter do her shit while warning her of the burden that comes with the Gundam kind of makes him a sort of a good person.

  2. The scary part is that this theory could explain why Suletta isn't harmed from piloting Aerial, as whatever remains of Eri inside is what takes the feedback, not the pilot. I really hope I am wrong though, this would be some Made in Abyss level of nightmare fuel.

  3. I only play true ethical SSF hardcore. I delete every meta unique I find because it is unethical to keep it. When my character dies, I delete every item in every stash tab because it's not true ethical SSF hardcore otherwise. I Vorici break every six-link I land because it is unrealistic to ever six-link an item in true ethical SSF hardcore. I skip the Labyrinth because Ascendency Classes are unethical powerhouses. Every time a Vaal Orb drops, I immediately use it on a randomly equipped piece of gear to increase the challenge. I've had global chat and trade chat disabled since I got my beta invite back in 0.9.2d, the Merveil fireball optimisation and curse duration patch, because player interaction gave too much advantage. I've sent at least 84 emails to GGG support over the years asking for unlimited ignore player space so I can make sure that no one talks to me when I'm in town. I read and listen to every lorestone, notes, books to fully immerse myself in the true ethical SSF hardcore experience. Every time I go into this general and read the word "meta", "trading", "blade flurry", "clear speed", "Headhunter", so on and so on, I make sure to thrust my giant vibrating dildo one to three times to punish myself accordingly for tainting my TESSFHC experience. I've stolen at least a dozen credit cards from my parents to pay for the 3,250 normal stash tabs that I have to show my support for GGG and the true hardcore game that they have developed. It deeply saddens me that PT left, he was the only one that spoke only truth. Why do you self-proclaimed SSF hardcores even try to pretend that you're truly SSF hardcore? You make me fucking sick.

  4. This is a way too long excuse to use your giant vibrating dildo.

  5. "I know she looks and acts like a 12 year old but she is totally 9000 years old. And the oversexualised scenes of her are totally needed."

  6. You are missing the point, some anime are indeed like that, but my issue is with the generalization, they make up a very small percentage of the total. It's like saying ALL video games promote antisemitism because you can play as Nazis in some WW2 games.

  7. I know that there is a lot to anime and mange, but a lot of has got either sexualised children, way too sexualised women,incest.

  8. While I would also prefer if anime didn't sexualize minors at all, you have to understand that those parts are this well known exactly because of the controversy it creates. As I said above, it's actually only a small part of the whole, and if you ask people why they like anime, you would probably find very few people who are watching it for this kind of content (at least on the western side, it's sadly more accepted in Japan).

  9. Yep, actually kind of annoyed that people think they're being clever with this mod. You can already get Yellow Prussia without modding, just need to go anarchist (which is perfectly appropriate, for Yellow Prussia-loving scum).

  10. Yeah, making Anarchist Prussia yellow was a genius move from the devs, it has to be intended.

  11. I wanted to play Hungary as my fist nation. -400 administration, 0 taxes so going into national bankrupcy every couple of years, building administration buildings not really doing anything of use, market fukk'd. Yeah, Austria experience without the Austria bit.

  12. I did Hungary first too, definitely hard to play, but stabilizing it wasn't too difficult.

  13. Nice to see that AI generated tentacle hentai is getting better. Still has a long way to go, but it's great progress.

  14. Yes, it's definitely just a drink

  15. You mean trans? Because futa is an art style and fantasy. You cant get fucked by a cartoon. Bit there are trans women with MASSIVE dicks.

  16. it's just fantasy as you said, you don't need to try and apply real life logic to it

  17. I definitely consider Flip Flappers a yuri anime, there is just so much implication and symbolism, it's hardly a question.

  18. how to make [[Stormchaser Drake]] even better? make it draw even if your opponent targets it, love it

  19. And draw two if you target it

  20. A melegítőtő mellett elfér

  21. Ez utóbbival szerintem jól átbaszod őket, mert ha tényleg van egy nagyobb gebasz ami miatt kell az újratelepítés akkor ez sokszor semmit nem ér, már ha egyáltalán lefut.

  22. Igen, kb 1 óra maximum full újrarakni egy Windowst ha az ügyfél már lementette a dolgait róla, és sokkal jobb mint ha csak alaphelyzetbe raknád.

  23. Book of Probing ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  24. It depends on a few things. First, if we will have levels in which every enemy is weak to a certain damage type, and assuming that a certain Identity group will give the same element/bonuses to all characters, then using the same Identity on everyone will not just be feasible but the optimal choice. Similarly, for bosses this will likely be the meta.

  25. Perfectly fine, i'm going to play it for the story only and won't care much about collecting everything. Unless they will make it so that you need to get good pulls to progress the story - which i strongly doubt - I won't have an issue with the system.

  26. Restarting the app itself seemed to have fixed the issue for me.

  27. Yea i restarted Malwarebytes and it stopped. Was wild thinking i got a huge virus with how many pop ups were coming up about it lol.

  28. can confirm, restarting malwarebytes fixed it.

  29. yes, same thing here, literally can't search on google due to my app blocking the entire site

  30. Now those doujins finally make sense, Russia and Rushia are actually getting boned by futa cock

  31. I like your way of thinking

  32. Whenever you mention tiananmen square the ai goes on a 230 line rant in simplified Chinese about why nothing happened in June of 1989 and why the real enemy of the people are the imperialist pigs

  33. not a lot, but i literaly made 400 chaos tonite just by rerolling my flasks to better mods and selling them for 3/4 of normal price so they flew out the door. i already had 400 flasks sitting around in stash. its essentialy free money you have to be not lazy about which is another thing all together (not being lazy). its not hard to get decent 50-100 chaos roll on a diamond/crit flask.

  34. Would you be willing to share which mods/combinations are valuable? As a relatively beginner player, i find it really hard to find which flask mods are worth keeping.

  35. Depends on the flasks but most common valuable bases are the armour one. The evasion one. The crit one. And the 20% armour one that taunts. And the move speed one.

  36. Very informative, thank you for the answer!

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