1. Struggling today. Tired and overwhelmed. IWNDWYT. But today I don’t like it damn it 😭

  2. Sending my support. Making it through the hardest days are the ones I'm most proud of.

  3. Today is day 21 for me. It's been hard, harder than it should've been, and I feel incredibly guilty for this because I'm 14 weeks pregnant and I've been trying to get sober since I found out. And I know I can do this. I was so close to messing up again yesterday but I kept going and I'll keep going again today. And tomorrow.

  4. The first few weeks are the hardest, never mind being pregnant on top of it! 3 weeks is awesome, so close to having that first month under your belt. Whatever you gotta do to keep getting through the days (hours,minutes) sober, we’re here for you! Keep fighting the good fight for your baby and especially for yourself. Getting and staying sober can be so hard and painful but so is motherhood/parenthood with a drinking problem, you deserve to experience it without the chains of alcohol holding you back and clouding your joy. I’m rooting for you and IWNDWYT 💕

  5. It does get easier as time goes on. And the more time you have sober the more you realize how much work and energy actually went into drinking in the first place! Something I’ve heard a lot is to put as much effort into recovery as you put into drinking. Thank you for hosting this week and IWNDWYT!

  6. I think the name Chanel is beautiful and give an “old money” feeling, but it’ll be forever be associated with Coco Chanel

  7. I went to school with a girl who named one of her kids Channel after Coco Chanel and insisted it was the Italian spelling of Chanel 😅

  8. Could you see about asking the residents who seemed more open to it instead? When I worked LTC they had us night shifters start getting people up around that time, but if there was someone already awake or wandering anyways I would get those people ready instead if the people they originally assigned for us to get up didn’t want to yet. Just be sure to pass it on to day shift who you got up/ready instead of who was on your assignment and why. They have a right to refuse

  9. I’m only at 157 days but from what I’ve seen and experienced so far I’d say whatever works for you! I have 2 I go to every week religiously and consider them my home groups, and there 3-4 other meetings I like besides those two and try to go to at least one of those ones on top of of my two home group meetings, and that’s worked out well for me. I never went everyday though so that was actually an increase for me since I only went once a week starting out. A friend of mine went from going every day to 3 a week after changing jobs and ended up changing around their work schedule to spread them out throughout the week since when they first got it they had to cram them all into one part of the week and they struggled with that (but they figured it out eventually and are still going strong!). I’ve seen some old timers only go once a week or every other but I’ve seen just as many that still go every day so I guess it comes down to your schedule, desire to go and how stable your sobriety is. Congrats on 60 days!!

  10. Grateful to be sober but feeling really down about how much I let my life and especially my heath slide while I was drinking. I’m overweight, I’ve lost 20 pounds since quitting but could stand to lose a lot more, been struggling to make/find time to try and exercise. My teeth are awful, a couple of them barely have any tooth left at the surface of my gums and they’re quite painful lately, but there’s apparently no offices that take my dental insurance this side of the state. I want to quit smoking but the whole teeth falling apart thing doesn’t motivate me like it maybe should since eating sugar and chewing gum and whatnot hurts. Money is tight and my husband and I’s hours are super unpredictable at the moment, it’s either feast or famine which makes scheduling anything hard and he hasn’t had much luck job hunting. I’m glad I’m not drinking and actively making things worse for myself/my family, but I feel like I’ve been really reaping my karma from when I was drinking now and I HATE IT! But with that said IWNDWYT still ❤️

  11. This is mine. Always black, never smudgy, and the micro tip makes it really easy for me.

  12. I even tried out some some drugstore ones for awhile when my last one ran out hoping to find something a bit cheaper but I had to finally call it and go back to Stila. I’ve been winging my eyeliner for over a decade and nothing I tried could even compare (tips would fray, wouldn’t be as black as I’d like, would smear, etc). I’m a big fan of the dual ended one myself ☺️

  13. I loved Johnny's meme reference ("what if we kissed in the..") going entirely over Zach's head and Zach just getting ready to smooch lol

  14. So much. Had a baby April 2020. Husband and I are both CNAs so constant fear of bringing it home to our newborn (and 4 YO). Almost half of our residents died from it, many of whom I’d taken care of for the better part of a decade so it really hurt but we were also so swamped with Covid and short staffed I didn’t really have time to stop and think or process. Lost a parent to it in 2021. Took a year break to stay home with my youngest before getting a job at a hospice. I’ve found it very healing to be in a setting where I can sit with people and their families and have the time and resources to take excellent care of them in those last moments. I wish I could have done the same for my LTC residents December 2020. My husband still works in LTC but I don’t think I have it in me anymore to go back to it, I get too attached and have had a lot of personal losses in my life the past few years. Not that I don’t build rapport with my hospice patients and their families, or that it’s an easy job. But It’s different going into it knowing they only have a few weeks with me

  15. Conrad and Hugo are both characters in Bye Bye Birdie

  16. I guess it would solve what song you could sing to the 2nd twin though (someone mentioned the “we love you Conrad” bit as a lullaby above) could have the “everything is Hugo, I will go where you go” part at the end of the movie as a lullaby!

  17. The band geek in me read this as "color guard" and I was immediately confused by the comparison lol.

  18. Same here lmao. I’m sitting here like well getting hit with one of those flags hurts man but the discomfort is probably shorter lived unless it concusses you compared to a colonoscopy? Besides the whole one being a diagnostic test thing. Pondering the important questions here lol 😂

  19. I know 2 siblings who are named Calliope and Amelia. I find the juxtaposition of such an uncommon name paired with such a popular name to be kinda funny.

  20. He can hit up the Nook twins for some of the “hot item of the day” carrot cakes I sold a few pocketfuls of today lmao 😂

  21. The sugars of their generation lmao. The amount of posts I saw from older ladies on Facebook saying shit about how she should have been queen and “Diana sent the rain!” Like 🤮. And I don’t dislike Diana! You can appreciate someone without deifying them though

  22. One of my kids is named Elise, after Jane Seymour’s character in the movie “Somewhere in Time”

  23. Looking for Petri or Pietro if anyone has them in boxes, I have an open plot! Also turnips are 513 on hippo bay this morning if anyone needs to sell some :D

  24. “I know what I’m talking about, I have a cousin who is a nurse’s assistant”

  25. “You should probably ask your doctor about that Mom/family member/dude” -CNA (Clueless Nurses Assistant)

  26. For the first few weeks/couple months if I didn’t buy alcohol at a time I normally would have/was really tempted, I’d buy myself whatever unhealthy food or snack I was craving instead. I’m fond of saying melted cheese filled the hole in my life alcohol left for all the cheese fries I ate in that time lmao. As long as i wasn’t drinking I didn’t care. And eventually the hardcore sugar cravings and all that went away/settled down. I’ve lost 20 pounds! I’m also in AA and look forward to those coins every month too. When I hit 1 month I bought myself a plushie I’d promised myself I’d buy if i made it that long. Coming up on 5 months now soon, IWNDWYT!

  27. Melted cheese - is there nothing you can’t do? IWNDWy’allT!

  28. I’m not in LTC anymore but we turned into a no alarms facility the last few years I was. To quote them, “alarms don’t prevent falls, they only alert you one might have occurred” 🙄 along with the restraint thing and effecting sleep quality at night. They care planned more safety checks for certain residents, fall mats and hip protector pads for others. One resident that had frequent falls/rolled around a lot got a special bed that lowered to the floor along with fall mats and bed/turning wedges (sorry I can’t remember the actual name of them). On units with frequent falls like dementia us aides and the nurse would take turns walking up and down the unit every 10-15 minutes. Maybe it led to less falls but it also led to more people getting put in chairs and hanging out in the hallway so someone could be nearby since we never had staff for 1:1 on overnights

  29. Just thinking on all my friends in health care, drs and rns, and they almost all drink excessively (I was right there with them 100 and something days ago).

  30. In healthcare, can confirm. There was a thread on a post in the nursing subreddit awhile ago (talking about how healthier people would be if we could just delete alcohol from humanity or something along those lines) and one nurse was pretty much melting down/majorly on the defensive about how they’d be DAMNED if they’re going to give up their vodka! Made me sad honesty, glad that’s not me anymore. Being sober makes a hard job at least a bit easier. Working hungover in healthcare sucks especially hard.

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