1. I have seen so many doctors and specialist since moving out at 17 I didn’t put my entire medical history here but unfortunately birth control before I was ovulating wasn’t her only attempt at making sure I wouldn’t have a teen pregnancy. After thousands of dollars and many Failed treatments both in and out of the country. The doctors and specialist have concluded it won’t happen for me naturally. And as far as surrogacy is concerned we have discussed it my sweet sweet husband said if it’s not ours together he would rather adopt. And in both of our eyes blood doesn’t necessarily make you family and for that I love him for always making me feel like it’s ok. And never making me feel bad.

  2. If this is more than you're comfortable sharing, I get it. I'm wondering, what else did she do to you?

  3. He didn't specify but it does sound like he finally sees her for what she is and is done with her shit, so... I hope so

  4. Well, the post was made on March 15, so 7 days would be March 22. Which it already is in large parts of the world. Maybe not America yet.

  5. Im curious why she keeps not putting her name on stuff. It sounds like maybe she wants freedom to walk away, but you can’t do that when kids are in the mix. Instead it just seems like he’s going to get everything. Or am I missing something about how property division works between an unmarried couple?

  6. Well, with a lease, if she's not on it, she won't be responsible for continuing to pay the rent or paying fees for breaking the lease when she is able to leave.

  7. It would be really great if OOP came to our comment section and found love and encouragement. And maybe more advice on how to get assistance so she can escape.

  8. The original title that provides ages should be included.

  9. There’s another update under her account. Escalated!

  10. This is just insane to me. A quick search pulled up their own article, "Informing guests about security devices", where it states, "Airbnb prohibits security cameras or recording devices that are in or that observe private spaces like bedrooms, bathrooms, or sleeping areas."

  11. I said this somewhere else but I meant never tell friends and family. Thebkids would pretty much have to be told when they're older. At least in my opinion

  12. What I like so much about this story is that he is most likely a donor match because they are genetically so close. Them finding each other may have saved her life.

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