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ITAP inside a Steinway Grand Piano

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  1. Please safe these creatures. It became 100 years old just to be trapped with assholes

  2. The simulation of freedom of speech whilst in reality you can't say anything that doesn't offend someone...

  3. These aren't goats. This is a group of horses which is very odd for them cause horses are very smart animals

  4. I'd really love to see more of these around the world. The big structures are fantastic to represent your nation.

  5. I hope we get a base for both factions. I Started wow at BFA and loved the fact that there were actually wars between the two bases. With invasions and ganks.

  6. Try to focus on what you did wrong instead of blaming the game, mate. If you have that much kill you need to carry hard. One mistake and the game is lost so most of the time it's your fault.

  7. I miss them a lot. But I guess kids these days aren't patient enough to play an RTS... only Call of duty, fifa or Gta :feels_bad_man:

  8. Seeking out friends or close family. Do something what you like to do. But be aware escapism is a hell of a drug so don't be alone. If you have a pet you should love and hug it as much as you can. If you like doing something artistic you should consider doing it more. Art really helps to release lot's of emotional stress. And helps you to move on.

  9. We eat more so we shit more. It's really that simple. Average 3kg shit each time on the toilet....

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