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  1. Yeah never made sense to me. It’s one thing if someone rotated and they suck which is why you decided not to interview them. However, if it’s something like they’re a DO and your program doesn’t take DOs, then don’t let them rotate.

  2. When you interview for a job in private practice, the most important thing we're looking for, by far, is whether or not we want to work with you. If you're willing to put that much effort into bitching (OMG, that thread!) about ordering a chest x-ray in a patient who went to the ICU for respiratory distress when you're not even the one ultimately responsible, you might as well not even apply. Enjoy academia!

  3. Hence why most of the physicians with the worst personalities are in academia…

  4. I go to a fancy med school and matched rads at a fancy program. My PD called programs for me. I applied 50 places, had 11 interviews, matched at my number 2. Decent step 1 & 2 but lower than you’d expect for a rads applicant. Tons of research, more than average but no first author pubs. Did not have class rank at my school. Also had fun hobbies that were asked about a lot and I interviewed well.

  5. Med school prestige has ALWAYS mattered, but for whatever reason the gunners on SDN don’t like admitting as much.

  6. I at least wanted to know which anime he was watching in the call room

  7. The problem with this line of thought is you assume other specialties are just chilling at work everyday. Even Derm is actually busy when they’re at clinic

  8. was also considering that, since idk how realistic it is that I would be able to buff my application enough to apply next cycle, which is in like, 5-6 months. That being said, I know I shouldn't really be worrying about time, but I'm 26 now, that'd put me 29 when I'm an IM attending. If I applied DR straight out, I'd prob finish around 33-34, maybe 35-36 if I do fellowship. I know it would def be worth it in the long run, but I'm essentially signing away the next 10 years of my life to a sub-100k salary while accruing interest on my loans. Constantly torn between accepting that it is what it is or chasing the rads dream

  9. Think of it this way, many people do PHDs plus extra prelim years for fields like Derm. I’m not going to pretend that the amount of time you’re putting in doesn’t suck, but it all depends on how much you want it. I know a LOT of rads attendings practicing into their late 60s/early 70s.

  10. yeah for sure. I know for a fact I will be happy about the choice later on in life. Just hoping I come out at the end of it not completely burnt out and tired of everything, and I think rads is just the best fit for my personality and personal goals. But yeah, definitely the more safe option to apply as an attending.

  11. It’s not uncommon. A lot of PDs will be more willing to take someone like this on since you have medical experience

  12. Brookdale Uni Brooklyn GS Prelim. CT Surgeon//PD was an asshole. Said I wasn’t good enough for their prelim since I couldn’t match rads

  13. No one must have filled them in that rads is more competitive than categorical Gen surgery this year. Either way that was a shitty thing to say.

  14. Sounds like an amazing schedule if you don’t want to be a hospitalist.

  15. Because UT Memphis does not take care of their residents, in any department.

  16. I don't know what the circumstances are and how that communication is initiated. They may just tell the departments that they have unmatched students in general without naming names. Bottom line is nobody should be reaching out on your behalf to any department until the PD has initiated contact with you. After they call or email you it's open season. I wouldn't generalize and say MD schools do flagrant match violations all the time.

  17. Our Dean would let the surgery PD know the names of the unmatched students and offered many of them prelim spots. Have heard of this happening at other schools as well. Sucks but it’s not uncommon

  18. Just a question; a friend tells me people are contacting the programs first, which is sth that can result in punishment - according to NRMP. Is that correct; or should I contact them first? Thx for the help, good luck to everyone!

  19. You yourself can’t contact programs. Your Dean or other people can theoretically contact programs on your behalf though

  20. Lol, if an ugly girl posts that she’s lonely on Reddit she will have 100 desperate guys in her DMs. They’re not the same

  21. Poor guy. He's literally might be KIA in a few weeks :(

  22. Should have dressed like a woman and left the country when he had a chance :(

  23. Why did OP think it was a good idea to post his homosexual Spider-Man fan fiction

  24. Just FYI anons post is only a slight exaggeration. Those professors get in trouble for giving out too many good grades.

  25. When 50 Shades of Gray appeals to the female fantasy: you go girl, that’s what you want.

  26. women receive more emotional support and people are more protective and usually kinder to them, however it comes at a cost of much higher chance of being potentially assaulted/harassed/raped/murdered and not being taken seriously in any academical or scientific fields, being mansplained to, expected to always look pretty, looked at as a sex object instead of a person etc

  27. They’ve actually proven that men are much more likely to be victims of violent crimes, women have the “rights to their bodies” in most US states, and tbh a woman can always just marry rich over a man doing so

  28. This is the real reason MtF us much more common than FtM, even an ugly girl has an “easier” life in western countries than most men

  29. I remember when 10% was considered the norm with tipping. Now it’s just out of hand

  30. I think she was handled appropriately all things considered. Even though she wasn’t terrible in the end, she did enough awful things (including what she did with Majima’s child) to where it was like “meh”

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